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Keeping cool in the car


When temperatures rise, it’s easy just to blast the air conditioning, but there are a host of other ways to keep cool in the car. Whether you’re parked up or on the road or driving long distances, remember to cool down your ride with these quick and easy tips for summer driving.

1. Act shady

Parking your car in the shade may sound like a no-brainer, but how many times have we all driven past that cooler car space so that we’re closer to our destination? Make sure you pick the shady spot – it’ll make your drive much more pleasant when you get back in the car and those leather seats won’t be unbearably hot. Another top tip? Invest in reflective steering wheel and dashboard covers – they keep the hot out and the cool in.

2. Get packing

When it comes to keeping cool in the car, preparation is key! Whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or a long haul up north, pack lots of essentials to help keep you cool. Bring an esky on your trips, and before you head off pack it full with cold water bottles (frozen is best!) and stay hydrated. Toss in some cold towels to put on your head and neck and don’t be afraid to stop for cool snacks! Ice blocks, anyone?

3. Use Optional Covers

Cars might come with fans and air con, but there are a whole host of other Optional Covers you can use to help keep your vehicle cool – and they’re not particularly expensive. Sunshades, which affix to your vehicle’s windows provide extra protection to passengers in the back seat, making them perfect for napping kids. If you’re looking for a more upmarket solution, try battery-powered seat cooling cushion – the heat-busting equivalent of an electric blanket! Or even add a travel fan to your car’s dashboard (you can even find solar-powered ones).  

4. Travel smart

The simplest solution to beating the heat when you drive is to avoid driving during the hottest times of the day. Try to confine your travel times to the cooler periods in the morning and evening. If you need to take off while the sun is at its peak, choose shadier routes, if you can.

5. Keep your cool

Getting hot and bothered is much easier when the heat is high, and keeping your cool while driving is just as important as lowering your core temperature. If you feel yourself starting to get angry or frustrated then it may be time to take a break. Pull over somewhere nice and shady, and hop out of the car to stretch your legs and calm your temper. If possible, grab a cold drink and just take some time. To fight poor concentration and driver fatigue, experts recommend you take a rest every two hours. Visit for more information.

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