Car Safety Tips for Summer


What are your plans for the summer? A road-trip with friends? A get away trip with family? Lounging by the pool? Wherever your destination, keep your car cool with these summer safety tips.

Summer is the perfect time to pack up the car and hit the open road. Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the beach or cruising down the highway, stay summer-safe with these handy tips for your car.

Park in the shade

When your car is parked in the sun, the interior can become very warm. The sun rays heat up the seats and steering wheel. Try to look for parking spots in the shade, especially if you’re leaving your car there for a while.

When there aren’t any shady spots free, sun shades for your windscreen can be extremely helpful. Protect your dashboard and steering wheel by placing the sun shade over your windscreen. The reflective surface also reduces the temperature of your car.

Watch out for overheated seat belts

In summer, your seat belt buckle can be a potential safety hazard, especially if it’s spent the better half of the day in direct sunlight. When getting into the car, make sure you take extra caution when doing up your seat belt. If you have children, it might be safer to do up their belts for them.

Before you drive off into the sunset, check that your steering wheel hasn’t also been affected by the summer heat. It might be worth keeping a steering wheel cover in the car. That way if your steering wheel overheats, you can just pop it on and off you go!

Securely pack your car for road trips

Summer means going on fun family road trips! Wherever your destination, make sure your car is packed securely. A carefully packed car ensures objects don't move around and that the essentials, like food and water, are easily accessible. When taking a long road trip, ensure you have plenty of water packed in the car. An Esky in the backseat will keep your food nice and cool.

Hot tip! Keep your hats and sunscreen at the top of the pile. There’s nothing worse than stopping over to have some fun in the sun and having to unpack the entire car!

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Don’t leave kids or animals in the car

Even if it’s a quick stop off, make sure you never leave kids or pets unattended in the car. Parking in the shade isn’t enough to keep your car at a safe temperature. Be ready to take them with you on all stops of your journey.

Keep your eyes on the road

Make sure you’ve got a pair of polarised sunnies ready in the glove box. You'll need them for early mornings and late afternoons during sunset. If the sun begins to obstruct your vision, flip down your sun visor and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.

Where possible it might be safer to avoid driving at these times all together,  especially if you only have CTP cover (called Green Slip if you’re in NSW).

To feel safe in the car this summer, make sure you add AAMI Roadside Assist to your Comprehensive Car Insurance. You’ll have AAMI to help you out with emergencies like flat tyres and batteries, lost or locked-in keys and towing.

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