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Health Lifestages Guide

Health insurance for couples

Stay healthy and happy as a couple

Finding the best couples health insurance for you and your partner will come down to a few different factors and personal preferences. If you’re both approaching the age of 31, you should consider taking out private health insurance for hospital cover to avoid paying the Lifetime Health Cover loading. Plus, if you take out hospital cover, you could avoid paying the Government’s Medicare Levy Surcharge which is applied if you earn over a certain threshold and don’t have hospital cover. But there are many more benefits to couples health insurance than just this.

What health cover might be right for couples?

Part of being in a couple is taking care of each other. With the right hospital cover for both of you, you’ve got less to stress about. There are some serious benefits to having the right health cover.


You could get ill and need to go to hospital

If you’re usually in good health, a hospital visit is probably not on your agenda. But illness and accidents can sometimes come up out of the blue, which makes Hospital Cover a good idea for many couples.

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  • Choose which specialist treats you, when and where

  • Avoid public hospital waiting lists

  • Avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge if eligible

Want more coverage?

When you’re a couple, your health is no longer just your concern. If you were to become ill or have an accident making an emergency hospital visit necessary, the stress would affect both you and your partner. By being covered for the basics through a hospital cover insurance like AAMI Health Insurance Basic Hospital or AAMI Health Insurance Bronze Hospital Plus, you’ll take another big item off the to-do list.


You need the basics, plus a bit extra

After you’ve sorted your Hospital Cover, you both should consider adding Extras. With this policy, you’ll be eligible to claim on treatments like optical and physio, as well as major dental and natural therapies. Annual limits and conditions apply.

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  • Physio, Chiro & Osteo cover with annual limits

  • General, preventative and major dental

  • Natural therapies including acupuncture

Want more coverage?

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

Not planning on having kids?

If having children isn’t part of the plan, you can access plenty of couple health insurance options which are more affordable because they don’t cover services you won’t need, like obstetrics. Both AAMI Health Insurance Basic Hospital Plus and AAMI Health Insurance Bronze Hospital Plus Insurance are great options if having kids is not part of your plan.

With the savings you could gain by taking up a more basic hospital cover, you’ll be able to consider adding extras cover for things you might actually want – like physio and optical.

Coupled up? Then get covered

If you’re wondering what you should look for when taking out private health insurance as a couple, consider your lifestyle and budget. But don’t stress, you can always reassess your policy as time goes on and adjust to make sure it’s right.

  • Less of what you don’t need

    When you don’t need cover for things like pregnancy, you don’t need to pay as much as if you were on a more comprehensive level of cover. A basic hospital cover like AAMI Health Insurance Basic Hospital Plus is designed to keep things simple and affordable if basic is all you need.

  • More of what you do need

    Sometimes things don’t always go to plan. If you end up in hospital unexpectedly, the last thing you and your partner want to be stressing about is waiting lists or expensive fees. Make life a little easier with a health cover like AAMI Health Insurance Basic Hospital Plus or AAMI Health Insurance Bronze Hospital Plus to take care of some of your basic hospital costs.

  • Flexible

    Keeping track of your health insurance together as a couple, is a smart way to streamline your life admin and keep on top of things. Plus, AAMI Health Insurance helps you easily switch from another fund* and will honour applicable waiting periods served with an existing fund. We’ll also handle the paperwork.

  • Tax Smart

    Don’t be caught short at tax time because you’ve delayed getting private hospital insurance. If your combined annual income is over $180,000, you’ll be paying a Medicare Levy Surcharge to the government unless you have private hospital cover and maintain it for the full financial year.

*Make sure you read your Policy Booklet for full details and requirements of switching from another insurer.

Accidental Injury Benefit

Seek treatment at a hospital Emergency Department within 24 hours of an accident and if you need to be admitted, you'll receive benefits in line with our top hospital cover for the next 90 days.