How to prepare your home for heatwaves


If you’re in an area prone to heatwaves, it’s time to secure the fort and get your defences ready. Prep your home before and during heatwave season to minimise damage and keep the sweat away. Print your heatwave plan and let it guide you like a battle manual. And don’t forget to cover your home for this season’s unpredictabilities!  

Close the curtains to keep the house cool

Stop that pesky heat from invading your home by keeping your curtains closed during the day. Or better yet, upgrade to insulating blinds—they could prevent up to 87% of outside heat from sneaking in. Roll out the awnings to further heat-proof your house.

Refrigerate bottles of water

A cool, hydrated body is best equipped for battling a heatwave. Keep bottles of drinking water in the fridge (or use a pitcher to show the earth some kindness). Arm yourself with a cool drink to lower your core temperature when the heat gets intense.

Stock up on ‘cool’ foods

Avoid indoor stovetop cooking where possible. The last thing you need is more heat trapped in your home. Prepare simple ingredients that require minimal or no cooking: think sandwiches and salads. Freeze berries and other fruit for a nice chilly snack. If you must cook, opt for the microwave—it won’t send heat into the air.

Check aircon ducts for proper insulation

Your AC is one of your best heatwave allies. If your aircon isn’t cooling effectively, it may be worth hiring a professional to inspect it. Old faulty filters can make it harder for your aircon to fight the heat.

Weather-strip doors and sills

Install weather seals on doors and windows around your home to prevent heat waves from invading. These features will also keep the cool AC air locked in. Repeat after us: hot air out, cool air in.

Check in on the elderly and at-risk

We’re all fighting the heatwave together. It’s important to check in on our community, especially the most at-risk members like the elderly and those with medical conditions. Don’t hesitate to knock on some doors and offer a helping hand—or a bowl of frozen raspberries.

Prepare an emergency kit

Start building an accessible heatwave emergency kit. This may sound excessive, but heatwaves can lead to bushfires, and you’d best be prepared for those. You’ll need:

  • a torch with spare batteries,
  • important documents,
  • a battery-powered radio,
  • extra clothes,
  • a first aid kit.

Print your heatwave plan to ensure your emergency kit is up to date. Store it in an easy-to-reach spot and feel proud of your heatwave season readiness!


Monitor weather alerts

During heatwave season, it’s crucial to monitor weather warnings and take advice from authorities like the SES and your local CFA. They’ll provide clarity that can help inform your next move.

Go off on your merry prepping way. But always remember that no matter how well-prepared you are, you can never be fully certain of what nature has in store. Rest easy by covering your home today! If you’re affected by bushfire season, claiming with AAMI is simple. Just download the AAMI App to claim in-app. Upload photos of the damage, fill in personal details, and get updates on the progress of your claim.


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