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This Christmas: insure the replaceables with Contents Insurance


This Christmas — like the other 365 days of the year — AAMI has your back. If your possessions are destroyed in a gingerbread-related fire (or any other insured event), you can rest easy. AAMI Home and Contents Insurance provides new for old replacement. We’ll replace damaged objects with items of the same type (though, not necessarily the same brand). We may even deliver replacements to your door— AAMI Christmas elves anyone?

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However, we understand that not everything is replaceable. Christmas isn’t special because of the presents or the champagne. It’s the moments with loved ones that count. AAMI wants you to treasure the irreplaceable things, so we’ve made a list (and yes, we’ve checked it twice) of four things you can’t replace this holiday season, and four things you can.


Irreplaceable: family time

It’s tricky getting the whole fam together at any non-Christmas-y time, so cherish this rare chance. Yes, that might mean spending less time with a smartphone in your face. But hey, unlike family time, at least the phone is replaceable.

Replaceable: your phone

If a reverse Santa steals your phone from your home, we’ll replace it ‘’new for old’’ on your AAMI Home and Contents Insurance plan. Our new for old replacement policy isn’t limited to Christmas mishaps—it covers any insured event in our product disclosure statement!

The replacements may even be delivered the day you make a claim! We’ll come bearing new items matched to the originals in standards and specs. Sometimes you may even get an upgrade! If you own an obsolete flip phone, you may receive a more advanced model (merry Christmas to you too).*

You can also add on Portable Valuables Cover to insure your phone and other specified belongings for loss and damage that occurs outside the home.

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Irreplaceable: your Christmas pics

Photos capture priceless moments, like the family opening gifts by the tree, or your eccentric uncle in a reindeer onesie. Back up all your camera photos so your precious moments are immortalised. Consider buying multiple SD cards and storing them in different locations, so you’ll only lose some of your pics if one section of the house is damaged, or your camera is stolen.

Replaceable: your camera

If your camera is stolen or damaged, we’ll replace it ‘’new for old’’ under AAMI Contents Insurance.* Consider adding Portable Valuables Cover as an optional extra, so losing your camera on-the-go won’t prevent you from capturing golden moments this holiday season.


Irreplaceable: Christmas dinners with loved ones

Ah, Christmas day! The wine is chilled, food is on the table, and your loved ones are around you. Remember to time your meals so people with packed calendars don’t have to leave in the middle of them.

Replaceable: your dining table (and other furniture)

You can’t replace moments, but you can replace the dining table where you create them. AAMI’s new for old replacement policy includes furniture damaged or stolen in insured events.

We don’t have a quaint factory staffed by AAMI elves to carve you new furniture, but rest assured, all replacement items are sourced from reputable Aussie suppliers.


Irreplaceable: handmade or sentimental gifts

The best Christmas gifts are often sentimental or handmade: think knitted socks from your nan, or a tie once owned by your great, great grandpa. Remember to take extra care of these special gifts. Perhaps tuck family heirlooms away in fireproof safes.

Replaceable: watches and jewellery

Good news accessory enthusiasts: watches and jewellery will be replaced under AAMI Contents Insurance. Though, for items like these, it may be tough finding a match. In those cases, we may settle the claim in cash. Jewellery and watches will get you up to $1,000 per item, per insured event (up to a total of $5000). If you’d like to increase the limit on a piece, just give us a call.

Once the dust from a disaster settles, and the new items arrive, you can sing it with us: on the 12th day of Christmas, AAMI gave to me…five replacement rings!

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*If you need to replace an item, we’ll cover the cost of a new one, regardless of age. It’ll either be the same as yours or as close as we can find in features and specs.

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