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Does car rego include CTP Insurance? 


In Victoria, the Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, and Western Australia, Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance is included in the cost of your vehicle registration. Motorists in South Australia can choose their CTP insurer. Luckily, AAMI offers SA CTP Insurance! Nominate AAMI on your rego forms to start enjoying the benefits.

In New South Wales (where CTP is often known as ‘Green Slip’) and Queensland, you must have CTP Insurance sorted before you can register your car. Drivers can buy it directly from a licensed insurer. CTP is then included in your rego payment.

What is CTP?

Australian motorists are legally required to have CTP Insurance. It covers compensation payments for people injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident. It doesn’t cover the cost of damage to vehicles and property, or damage to — or loss of — your own vehicle.

To cover costs for vehicle and property damage that you’re liable for, consider Third Party Property Damage Insurance. To ensure that your own car is covered, consider Comprehensive Car Insurance.

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In Victoria, your rego and CTP are paid for together. The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) will charge a TAC premium with your rego.

New South Wales

Unlike some of the other states, New South Wales motorists need to get their Green Slip before registering their car. You can buy it from a licenced insurer — like AAMI!


As in New South Wales, Queenslanders will need to organise their CTP Insurance before registering their vehicle. The rego fee includes the CTP insurance of choice.

AAMI doesn’t offer CTP Insurance in Queensland. However, AAMI is part of the Suncorp Network, which also includes Suncorp Insurance. Switching CTP to Suncorp Insurance is quick and easy, and eligible customers will receive a $40 gift card.

Australian Capital Territory

In the ACT, CTP was recently replaced by Motor Accident Injuries (MAI) Insurance. It covers costs related to the injuries of anyone involved in an accident, including the driver. MAI is included with your registration fee paid to Access Canberra.  

You have the choice of MAI provider in the ACT, including AAMI!


Like their friends in Victoria and the ACT, CTP is included in car registration for Tassie motorists. There are no private insurers in Tasmania. So Tasmanian drivers don’t need to choose a CTP provider.

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory, CTP payments are collected as part of drivers’ rego payments. So, you don’t need to select a CTP insurer in NT.

South Australia

In South Australia, rego and CTP Insurance premiums are paid together. You can choose AAMI as your preferred insurer on your rego forms.   

Western Australia (WA)

Like every other state and territory in Australia, it is compulsory to have CTP to drive a car in WA. There’s no need to choose a CTP provider in WA as there are no private CTP insurers. When you pay for your car registration, you’ll automatically be charged a CTP insurance premium.

How does CTP insurance differ to Third Party Car Insurance?

Unlike CTP, Third Party Car Insurance is optional. It provides cover for the basics, like damage to other people’s vehicles and property. AAMI Third Party Property Damage Car Insurance  also includes cover for damage caused to your car by uninsured drivers (up to $5000 when you have the name, address and registration number of the at fault driver). If an accident happens and you can't afford to pay the repair costs for the other person’s vehicle or property, Third Party Car Insurance could be a good level of cover for you.

To get cover for more, like accidental damage to your own vehicle (and a range of extra additional covers), you’ll want a higher level of cover, such as Comprehensive Car Insurance. 

Why is CTP compulsory?

CTP is compulsory as it’s designed to protect drivers from financial liability if they are responsible for killing or injuring another person (for example a passenger, pedestrian or other road users) in an accident. Without CTP, the cost of paying compensation to other parties may bankrupt many people, and courts could potentially be overwhelmed by claims for road incidents.

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