How much does it cost to repair or replace windscreens


Has your windscreen accidentally been cracked or shattered? You’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to cough up to fix it. The cost of windscreen repair or replacement depends on the make and model of your car, and various other factors. 

Cost of replacing a windscreen

If you’re paying out of pocket, it typically costs between $300 to over $1000 to replace a windscreen. However, this is a rough estimate, and there can be significant variation between cars.

Windscreens are integral to the structure of your car. They may minimise the impact of your roof collapsing in an accident, for one thing. So, it’s crucial to deal with any windscreen damage, no matter how minor.

Consider car insurance 

The glass sections of your car can be pretty vulnerable to the elements. For example, a rogue pebble could easily fly up from the road and hit your windscreen. Even if that doesn’t create a crack, the impact could affect the integrity of the glass.

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance covers your windscreen and window glass for damage by an incident covered by your policy.


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Want one excess-free glass claim per year? Consider adding Windscreen and Window Glass Cover as an optional cover (for an extra premium) to your Comprehensive Car policy. With this cover, you’ll skip the excess on one claim per policy period, when your windscreen or window glass (including your sun roof) is accidentally broken or damaged.

Where the damage is a chipped windscreen that has not cracked, and can be safely repaired, we will cover the cost of one repair without you having to pay an excess or losing your one excess free claim. Refer to the PDS for more details.


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Signs your windscreen may need to be replaced

Any of these things may indicate that your windscreen needs replacing:

  • A chip or crack that’s larger than 7cm.
  • Damage that sits deep in the glass.
  • Damage that’s in your critical line of vision.
  • Damage that’s close to or on the edge of your windscreen.

When in doubt, get the opinion of a qualified automotive glazier.


What can impact the cost of windscreen repair or replacement

The make and model of your vehicle

A car with plenty of features can often be more expensive to repair. That’s because many of these features – take Lane Assistance, for example – need to be calibrated to your windscreen.

The vehicle year

Today, even basic car models have more tech on board than similar-grade earlier model cars. So even low-end new models may be more expensive to repair than an older car.

Who does the fix and where

If you’re paying out of pocket, the cost of repairs can also depend on the repairer you choose. Different repairers charge different prices, and location can be a factor.

With AAMI Car Insurance, we insist on the highest standards for our customers. So, rest assured, you’ll receive a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials for all our car repairs – including windscreens and glass, when added to the policy. This stays with your car, even if you sell it!

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Type of windscreen damage

Some cases of windscreen damage are fairly easy to repair, while others may require a full windscreen replacement. Common types of windscreen damage include:

The bullseye – the name says it all.

The half-moon – a crack that looks like half a bullseye.

The stress crack – a crack that isn’t caused by direct impact.

The combination crack – large amounts of cracks and chips across your windscreen.

The starburst crack – a crack in the shape of a starburst or asterisk.  


Aftermarket vs car manufacturer windscreens

Aftermarket windscreens are made from the same high-quality materials as car manufacturer windscreens; but they typically come at a lower price. That’s because manufacturer windscreens are certified, and often installed, by the manufacturer.

Are aftermarket windscreens inferior? Not necessarily. It’s a myth that aftermarket windscreens are always lower grade. Many aftermarket windscreens are designed to be just as reliable as something your manufacturer would provide.

What’s AAMI’s policy?

AAMI uses aftermarket windscreen and window glass parts, where available. These parts are of the highest standard, meeting strict Australian Design Rules. If a damaged part is unavailable, we’ll pay you the last known market price of that part.

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