What to do when someone hits your parked car?


If you're one of the unlucky drivers who’s had someone hit their parked car, you may wonder what to do next. It can be confusing and frustrating, but don't worry – AAMI is here to help!

Collect information from the other driver

Get a name, address, car registration, contact info, and insurance info. If the other driver has taken off, doesn't have insurance, or refuses to give you their information, call the police.

Check for witnesses

If there are any witnesses, be sure to get contact information from each –  especially if there is significant damage to your car. They may be able to help you prove what happened if there is any dispute.

Take photos of the damage

Ideally, before moving your vehicle away from the site of the incident. Images will be helpful when filing an insurance claim.

Contact police

If there is significant damage to your car, or the other driver doesn't have insurance, you may need to file a police report. Documentation in the form of this report is vital for insurance purposes, and may help if you need to take legal action.

Contact your insurance provider

Once you have the necessary information, you'll need to contact your insurance company. They’ll handle most tasks from this point, so you can start to relax. You insurance company will still need your co-operation though and assistance from the third-party driver’s insurance provider.

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Answers to common questions after someone hits your parked car

What if the person who hit your parked car drove off?

If you have comprehensive car insurance, you can still lodge a claim for damage caused in a hit and run. You’ll probably need to pay an excess.

Such a claim may require a police report, so contact the police first.

What if they left a note?

If the driver who hit your parked car left a note, take a photo of it. This will be helpful when lodging a claim. Keep the original note too, if practical.

Whose insurance provider do I call?

You can lodge a claim with your insurance company if you have comprehensive coverage. If you don't have comprehensive coverage, you may need to lodge a claim with the other driver's insurance company. Regardless of whether they have comprehensive or third party property damage insurance, damage to your car may be covered.

What are my options if the other driver doesn't have insurance?

If the other driver doesn't have insurance, but you have a comprehensive car insurance policy, you’ll need to lodge a claim with your own insurance company.

If you don’t have coverage for damage caused by an uninsured driver, or you do but the maximum claim amount is less than the amount you need to repair or replace your car, you may be able to commence legal proceedings against the other driver.

Legal action can get expensive, so make sure all your avenues are exhausted before launching a civil matter.

What if I have no insurance?

If you don't have insurance, and the other driver doesn’t either – or they’ve made a run for it – you may have to pay for the repairs out of your own pocket. You may be able to commence legal proceedings and seek damages, but you probably want to avoid going down that path.

Will my insurance premium go up after someone hits my parked car?

It depends. If you make a claim for an incident in which you’re at fault, or you can’t identify the other parties involved, your premium could be higher than it would otherwise be when renewal time rolls around.

If the other driver is at fault, and you can give us their info, your premium likely won’t be affected by your claim.

Will I need to pay an excess if someone hits my parked car and I make a claim?

You likely won't have to pay an excess if the other driver is at fault, you can give us their info, and their insurance company pays for the damages. You may have to pay an excess if you’re deemed to be at fault after an incident, the other driver has no insurance, or you weren’t able to get their contact details and rego number.

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