How to check your car registration in each state


Driving an unregistered car is illegal. Even if you’re driving someone else’s car, it’s your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is registered. This can help you avoid hefty fines and potential demerit points.

If you’ve forgotten your vehicle’s status, or need to check another vehicle before hopping behind the wheel, you can easily do so on each state’s Department of Transportation webpage.

What is a car registration check?

A rego check is a rundown of a vehicle’s current status. It will generally show:

  • registration status and expiry date
  • make, model and body shape of the vehicle, and
  • whether it’s used for private or commercial reasons.

How to check your vehicle registration

Each state and territory has their own page where you can check your rego status. They also generally have clear instructions on how you can cancel, pay, and register new vehicles too, so there’s no excuse to be driving around unregistered.

Is a car registration check the same as a car history check?

No. If you’re after more detail on what a car’s been through – which can be especially handy if you’re planning on buying second-hand – you may be after a car history check. This can be done through the Australian Government PPSR, as long as you have the vehicle’s chassis number/VIN and two bucks for the usage fee.

This will show you stuff like:

  • if there are any security interests on the vehicle, like an outstanding debt
  • vehicle details, including make and model
  • registration status
  • stolen status, and
  • written-off status.

Other purposes of a registration check

If your vehicle isn’t registered, then it’s also not covered by CTP or MAI Insurance. This insurance normally covers you for compensation and legal costs for people injured or killed in a crash involving your car. This is partly why registering is such a big deal – it’s not just for record-keeping purposes.

If you’re in New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory or South Australia, consider whether AAMI’s SA CTP Insurance, ACT MAI Insurance or NSW CTP Insurance is right for you.

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