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What to do if you spot a spider in the car while driving


We Aussies aren’t intimidated by the odd spider. But if we’re trapped in a car with one while driving? That can be a different story.

Follow these steps

Stay calm and gently put your foot on the brake

We know this is easier said than done. But it helps to remember that there haven’t been any confirmed spider deaths in Australia since 1979. Chances are, the spider in your car is creepy but harmless.

Slamming on the brakes or swerving off the road would put you at much greater risk.

Try not to make any sudden movements

Though a spider bite is unlikely to be lethal, it can still cause pain and swelling. The good news? Spiders don’t usually bite unless they feel threatened, so avoid sudden movements. Even if a spider seems jumpy, it’s probably just searching for a place to hide.

Park somewhere safe

If you can find somewhere safe to park, do so. Remove the spider, then carry on with your journey.

Think you lost it? Don’t worry, spiders usually find shelter and stay put if they’re feeling afraid – so chances are, it’s unlikely to pop out again while you’re driving.

Does car insurance cover it?

Does AAMI Car Insurance cover accidents caused by abrupt braking or swerving due to a sudden, unforeseen incident – say, a spider suddenly appearing on your steering wheel? We certainly do.

The type of coverage you’ll have depends on the type of policy you’ve chosen. A Third Party Property Damage policy would only provide cover for damage to other people’s cars and property, but a Comprehensive policy  would provide cover for damage to your car as well.  

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Check for spiders before you set off

Is a spider surprise your worst nightmare? Check your car before driving off – especially if you’ve parked in the bush or your car has been sitting idle in a garage for a while.

Huntsman spiders – commonly found in cars – like to rest under the visor. So, it’s good practice to flip it down before starting your journey.

How to get rid of spiders in your car

Clean out their hiding spots

Clean out your car regularly and pay special attention to areas where spiders love to hide, like:

  • behind windows,
  • under the bonnet and
  • inside wheel arches.

Seal cracks

Spiders often get in through cracks, so secure unnecessary openings, like gaps in your door trim.


Spiders thrive in clutter, so it’s a good idea to keep your car neat to reduce the number of potential hiding spots.

Car interior

Vacuum thoroughly – this will remove eggs on the carpet too. Clear piles of clothes, food, and rubbish, as well as leaves and dirt that may have made their way into your car.


A leaf and dirt pile-up can make the bonnet seem like an attractive hiding spot for wandering spiders. 

Use insect repellent

Use spider repellents made to be used in the car.

If natural repellents are more your thing, try essential oils like peppermint, citrus, rosemary, or lavender. Spray gaps in your car to help keep spiders away.

Just make sure to check that whatever product you use is safe to be inhaled in tight spaces. Certain oils and other repellents may be toxic to animals, so make sure to do some research if you bring your furry friend for a drive!

Use spider traps

If you have a known infestation, leave a trap out and return to collect it later.


Consider car insurance

After taking the effort to spider-proof your car, you can start thinking of other ways to look after it. 

AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance provides cover for your car and legal mods against all sorts of disasters, including flood, storm, fire, and theft or attempted theft. We also provide cover for the basics, such as damage to other people’s property, and provide a hire car after not-at-fault accidents.*

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How long can spiders live in your car

Sorry arachnophobes! Spiders can live in an enclosed space, like your car, without food and water for a very long time – even a few months!


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* If your car is damaged by an incident covered by your policy where you weren't at fault and it cannot be safely driven for repairs, as long as you can give us the name and address of the person at fault and the registration number of the at fault vehicle involved, we'll cover the reasonable cost of a hire car that meets your needs. Some exclusions apply, refer to the PDS for full conditions.

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