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Why do you and your family need life insurance?


You insure your car in case you're involved in an accident, you insure your home and its contents in case of fire or theft, you even insure your health in case you get sick – why then do only 31% of Australians have some form of Income Protection insurance*?

We understand that it's a hard conversation to have with your partner or your loved ones about what you would do if you couldn't work or if you died. How would your family cope if you were to be severely injured? How would they meet your financial commitments?

Cover for if you can't work, you're injured or you pass away

There are generally three kinds of insurance you can take out to help you keep up your financial commitments if you were sick, injured, or died suddenly. They are Income Protection, Accidental Injury and Life Insurance (also known as Death Cover).

Income Protection

If you can't work because you are ill or injured, Income Protection insurance could help you or your family cover some of the lost income while you recover so you can continue to pay the mortgage or rent, day-to-day living expenses, and other bills you might normally have.

Accidental Injury

Accidental Injury Insurance pays a lump sum benefit to you if you suffer one of the listed injuries, which includes fractures, dislocations, and loss of sight. This lump sum helps you cope financially by giving you money to pay for things like medical bills and day-to-day expenses.

Life Insurance

When it comes to Life Insurance – also known as Death Cover – you'll probably need to have some hard conversations about the practical importance of being prepared for death. You might consider this by yourself or with your family. Either way, be practical about what will happen to your finances, and who will take care of them, after you're gone.

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*AAMI Australian Values report, 2013