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Want to switch to a new health insurer but don’t want the waiting periods?


Nobody likes waiting around for something new to start. It’s annoying, boring and inconvenient. When you get a new health insurance policy there can be some waiting around before you can make a claim. You may only have to wait 1 day before you can claim on services like AAMI Health Insurance’s Unlimited Emergency Ambulance Cover, but for some benefits you’ll have to wait up to 12 months before you can claim. 

You can now get AAMI Health Insurance. When you switch from your old insurer to an equivalent AAMI Health Insurance policy, you might not have to serve any waiting periods, if you’ve already served them with your previous health insurer. That means you could be eligible to make a claim on your private Health Insurance from the first day you join AAMI Health Insurance. 

Claim services you’re already covered for

Good news! Switching from your old policy to an equivalent AAMI Health Insurance policy means you won’t need to wait around for months – you’ll immediately be able to claim on your private Health Insurance for the waiting periods you served with your previous health insurer if the services match an equivalent AAMI Health Insurance policy. With our AAMI Health Insurance Extras Covers you can immediately claim up to your annual limit, less any amount claimed in that calendar year on the same service with your previous fund. This all makes switching to a new health cover provider a whole lot easier.

For example, if you switch to our AAMI Health Insurance Everyday Active Extras Cover, you’ll skip the normal 6-month waiting period on Optical when you switch from a comparable level of optical cover.  This means if you’re needing to get your eyes checked and buy some new glasses soon, you can do it without having to hold out for another half a year.

Keep in mind the level of cover you need

If you are switching to AAMI Health Insurance, and you need a higher level of cover, you may have to serve waiting periods on newly covered services. That’s because by upgrading, you’re adding some useful new services that you haven’t served waiting periods on previously. You may have to wait up to 12 months before you can make a claim.

Compare your options before you commit

We think it’s a good idea to compare your health insurance options with AAMI Health Insurance. While it’s important to remember that you may not be eligible for the no waiting period if you do switch and upgrade, you can feel safe and looked after knowing that the waiting periods you served though the provider you’re switching from will be recognised. 

If you want to switch from your old insurer to an equivalent AAMI Health Insurance policy and start making the most of your AAMI Health Insurance today, get a health insurance quote now

If you still have questions or would like more info, give us a call on 13 22 44 (8am-6pm Mon-Fri AEST/AEDT, Closed Weekends and Public Holidays).

Find out more about AAMI Health Insurance here.

AAMI Health Insurance is issued by nib health funds limited ABN 83 000 124 381 (nib), a registered private health insurer, and is marketed by Platform CoVentures Pty Ltd ABN 82 626 829 623 (PC), a Suncorp Group company. PC is an authorised agent of nib and receives commission from nib.