Is Pet Insurance worth it?


It’s no secret that Aussies love their pets (sometimes more than their family!1). But if yours was injured in an accident, or fell ill with something like cancer or diabetes, could you cover the vet bills?

That’s where pet insurance could come in handy. AAMI, together with, offers Pet Insurance with a range of features to support your fur-mily.

What does Pet Insurance cover?

Pet Insurance offered by AAMI covers dogs and cats, with specialised coverage for puppies and indoor cats. It can provide coverage for up to 80% of eligible vet bills associated with your pet’s accidental injuries and illnesses such as cancer and diabetes, as well as other costs like emergency boarding.

You can also choose to add Routine Care to your policy as an optional extra. It contributes to the cost of specified routine procedures, like desexing, microchipping and teeth cleaning, up to their specified limits.

What pet insurance might not cover

To help you understand whether Pet Insurance is right for you, it might be useful to consider whether any exclusions apply. Like all kinds of insurance, certain things aren’t covered by Pet Insurance policies provided by AAMI. These include:

  • Elective treatments. Routine examinations, health checks and nail clipping don’t come as standard on a policy. To include some specified routine care items on your policy, simply add optional Routine Care when you buy or renew it.

  • Certain ages. AAMI Cat Insurance policies cover kitties from eight weeks old, while Dog Insurance policies cover pooches from six months old. Both have a maximum age of nine years (except for Accidental Injury-only policies, which have no maximum age). If you take out a policy before your pet turns nine, however, they’ll still be covered beyond their ninth birthday for as long as you continue to maintain the policy (subject to the terms of your renewed policy). You can get a puppy-only policy for pups between eight weeks and six months old.

  • Pre-existing conditions. If your pet develops a condition or injury before you take out Pet Insurance, or during any relevant waiting periods, that condition won’t be covered by it.

Don’t forget to check out the Product Disclosure Statement before you take out your policy. It spells out everything you need to know about Pet Insurance-related matters.

Cover for your doggo

When it comes to your pup, there are a range of policies to choose from. From Accidental Injury to Accidental Injury & Illness policies, you can choose the right level of Pet Insurance for their age and coverage needs. 

Accidental Injury & Illness is our most comprehensive cover. As the name suggests, your pooch is taken care of if they’re affected by an accidental injury, like one sustained in a dog attack, or illnesses, including a benefit of up to $1,500 annually for tick paralysis.

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Cover for your feline friend

When selecting a policy for your cat, you can start by identifying whether they’re an inside cat or if they spend time outdoors. Once you’ve done this, the level of insurance for them largely comes down to the conditions you’d like them to be covered for.

If you select Indoor Cat Cover, your cat will only be covered for specified illnesses like cancer, diabetes and gastrointestinal problems. Indoor Cat Cover does not cover accidental injuries. If your cat needs cover for additional conditions, you can choose between Accidental Injury & Illness or Accidental Injury cover. Like Dog Insurance, Accidental Injury & Illness offers the broadest cover for your resident feline.

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When it comes to Pet Insurance, AAMI, with, has your (and your critter’s) back. Have any questions? Visit the AAMI Help Centre or chat to our Virtual Assistant today!

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