Flood cover for your home

It might not be very likely to happen, but if it does, it's nice to know we've got you covered.

How much does flood cover affect my premium?

Over 90% of customers pay little or no additional premium for flood cover, because the risk of flood at their address is considered to be low. 

If we consider your flood risk to be higher, the effect on your premium will be higher.

How do you determine what my level of flood risk is?

We've invested a lot of time and resources researching all areas of Australia to map flood prone areas and assign risk estimates to them. Our sophisticated pricing engine then allows us to price premiums at the individual address level, rather than post-code level. This means we're able to assess the specific level of flood risk your individual property is exposed to.

Can I remove it?

If you have no or low flood risk, you can't remove flood cover, because we expect you'd pay little or no additional premium for it.

If you're one of the small proportion of people facing a significantly higher premium because of the higher than most risk of flood at your insured address, you have the choice to opt out (just give us a call to find out if you’re eligible).


What do you mean by 'flood'?

Basically, it means a large amount of water overflowing beyond its normal limits over dry land.

The Federal Government's legal definition of flood is 'the covering of normally dry land by water that has escaped or been released from the normal confines of any lake, river, creek or other natural watercourse, whether or not altered or modified; or any reservoir, canal or dam.'

It doesn't mean

  • Heavy downpours of rain (unless they actually cause a 'flood')
  • Sea or ocean movements (such as storm surges, high tides or wave action)
  • Tsunamis (which may be covered as 'earthquakes')

The advice on this page has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situations or needs, so you should consider whether it is appropriate for you before acting on it.

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Victorian State Emergency Service

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