Insuring a home

Tips to avoid water damage at home while you’re on holiday

Coming home to water damage from a leak can really dampen your post-holiday joy. Learn how to reduce the risk of them happening while you’re away.

How to make renting with friends work

Moving in with friends is one of life’s great experiences. But it can go sour very quickly. Here are some simple renting rules to make it a little sweeter.

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Insuring a car

How to protect your car against flood damage

Flooding and storms can inflict severe water damage to vehicles. Be prepared and know what you can do if your car is affected.

Car Insurance renewal prices explained

Understanding how your renewal premiums are calculated can offer you some control over them.

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Insuring a business

Make your business more flood ready with help from VICSES

Explore AAMI’s business insurance – now with flood cover as standard on all new and renewing policies – and enhance your flood resilience with the VICSES Floodsafe toolkit.

How to insure your micro business

Have you embraced your entrepreneurial spirit? Turned a brilliant idea or specific skillset into a successful small business? You may wish to consider insuring your micro business.

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