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Insuring a home

How to save money on home and contents insurance

With all the costs of buying a home, it hurts to cough out extra dough for home and contents insurance. But there are ways to save on your policy!

The risks of paying less for your insurance

Budget insurers, higher excesses, and balancing risk. Learn about some potential tradeoffs you may want to consider in order to make an informed decision about your insurance.

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Insuring a car

Can your location affect your car insurance premium?

Location is just one factor that insurers take into account to inform car insurance premiums. Find out why, and how you might be able to save.

How dash cams can affect your car insurance claim

So much of our lives are recorded now – but dash cam footage can provide useful evidence if you need to make a claim on your car insurance policy. Find out more.

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Insuring a business

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