Insuring a home

Are broken windows covered by home insurance?

Does your home insurance offer excess-free cover for broken fixed glass? AAMI Does! Learn more about our Excess-Free Glass Cover here.

What can be included in Home and Contents Insurance?

What does Home and Contents Insurance cover? Get to know the ins and outs with our handy guide.

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Insuring a car

How much does it cost to register a vehicle in Australia?

Vehicle registration costs vary from state to state. Confusing, right? It doesn’t have to be, thanks to our handy guide.

How to Get a Roadworthy Certificate in Victoria

Selling your bomb for your dream car? A failed roadworthy can really set you back. Here’s some top tips and red flags to look out for before a roadworthy inspection.

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Insuring a business

8 insurance options for hospitality businesses

Hospitality businesses can be a hive of activity. The right insurance can help to keep your business afloat if things go wrong. There are 8 main options for hospitality businesses.

Business insurance and running a business from home

Running a business from home carries risks that aren't necessarily covered under your home and contents policy. You may need business-specific insurance.

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