Insuring a home

How do I insure my engagement ring?

If you’ve just put a ring on it, insurance may be something worth considering – learn more with our helpful guide to engagement ring insurance.

What is accidental damage cover?

Accidental Damage at Home cover can come in handy when unforeseen mishaps happen. Find out what it is and how it can help.

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Insuring a car

Additional drivers and car insurance: What you need to know

Do other people drive your car regularly? It may be worth adding them to your policy as an additional driver.

Car insurance buying guide: What young drivers need to know

Got your newly-minted driver licence? Before getting behind the wheel, you might want to consider your car insurance options.

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Insuring a business

Insurance for starting a small business

Starting a new business is both exciting and stressful. There are several reasons why it's important for a new business to consider insurance right from the start.

Prepare your business for seasonal peaks and holidays

Holiday seasons are vitally important to small businesses but bring additional work and risks.

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