Insuring a home

A guide to handling home burglaries

When insuring your home against theft, it’s important to know what items are most commonly stolen and how you can protect yourself.

Your comprehensive home maintenance checklist

Keep your home in top shape with AAMI's home maintenance checklist – your comprehensive guide for a hassle-free home.

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Insuring a car

How much does it cost to repair or replace windscreens

Curious about the cost of windscreen repair or replacement? We go through different price-influencing factors here.

Why you should avoid hard braking

Learn how avoiding hard braking can save money in the long run, improve road safety and reduce emissions.

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Insuring a business

Home Business Insurance costs

When setting up a home business, a variety of costs need to be considered – and insurance may be important.

Home & Contents Insurance vs Business Insurance

Running a small business from home – or thinking about starting one? Make sure your insurance policy covers your business activities.

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