Insuring a home

Home insurance and legal liability: What you need to know

Many people don’t realise their home insurance policies cover them for legal liability. But what is that, anyway? Find out what you need to know.

How to save money on home and contents insurance

With all the costs of buying a home, it hurts to cough out extra dough for home and contents insurance. But there are ways to save on your policy!

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Insuring a car

Car insurance: Paying monthly vs annually

Unsure if you should pay your AAMI car insurance monthly or annually? Here are some pros and cons of both – plus info on how to adjust your payments.

Be aware of hire car scams after a not-at-fault car accident

Car accidents can be stressful – no doubt about it. Unfortunately, there are third parties who’ll try to take advantage of people in need of help, often under the pretense of a free hire car. Here’s how you can steer clear of scammers after an accident.

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Insuring a business

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