Insuring a home

How building and contents insurance covers fixtures and fittings

Understanding the difference between fixtures and fittings can make life easier when figuring out your home insurance policy.

When do you need landlord insurance?

When the unexpected happens, you might be on the hook for repair costs and loss of rent while your property is out of action during repair time. Find out how AAMI Landlord Insurance can come in handy.

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Insuring a car

Car insurance for couples and families

Find out how car insurance for couples and families works, and how adding listed drivers may help avoid extra costs.

When should you call for roadside assistance?

Did you know your car breaking down isn't the only reason to call roadside assistance? You can get help for a dead battery, missing keys, emergency fuel and more!

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Insuring a business

How much does public liability insurance cost?

Public liability insurance may seem to be expensive for small business owners. Make sure you have the right coverage by knowing your options and getting a custom quote for your business.

Tools of the trade: Insurance for tradies

Insurance for tradies, such as portable items or public liability insurance, can help protect your tools and business from liability or loss - find out how.

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