Insuring a home

How to be savvy with your insurance

Does cheaper mean better? Learn how you can be savvy with your home insurance by considering value not just price.

How to claim loss of rent on landlord insurance

As a landlord, losing rent on your investment property can be a real headache. Find out how landlord insurance can give you cover and how you can claim on your lost income.

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Insuring a car

Does car insurance cover driving off road and on beaches?

There’s nothing like escaping in the car and heading offroad, but are you covered if you come unstuck? Learn what we cover when you’re digging your tyres into dirt and sand.

Get a smart repair for minor damage to your car

No matter how careful we are, accidents happen. Through AAMI’s SMART car repairs, we manage the entire quote and repair process for you.

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Insuring a business

What insurance should I get for my small business?

Protect your small business or side hustle with these small business insurance options.

From side hustle to small business: How Scott Ellis took Uncle Surge across the country

For full-time workers, turning your passion project into a viable business is no walk in the park. But as Scott Ellis explains, the satisfaction and sense of achievement you get from watching it bloom is priceless.

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