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What are the top items stolen from homes?


If you’re curious about which items burglars love to burgle, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled AAMI Home & Contents claims data (2015-2020) to give you the scoop. We present to you, the top items stolen from Aussie homes (by quantity, not value).


If you have bling lying around your house, watch out! Jewellery is a high-risk category. These are the pieces most likely to be stolen:


Rings are a favourite target, unsurprisingly — they’re expensive and small, and easy for the average thief to slip into their pocket.

We’ve covered customers for a whopping $6,008,628 worth of stolen rings in the last five years. That’s 5.9% of our total theft claims.


Neck bling took 2nd place, making up 5.4% of all claims.


Watch out for your watches! They made up 4.7% of all claims.

When it comes to at-risk accessories, home security — although helpful — isn’t foolproof. If you have beloved jewellery pieces at home, add a little peace of mind to your home safety plan. AAMI Contents Insurance can cover your jewellery, not just against theft, but also fire, flood, storm and other insured events. This includes one-of a-kind pieces stolen from your home. Where possible, we’ll get them replaced or reproduced. Otherwise, we’ll pay you what the item would have cost right before the loss or damage, up to a limit.

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If you have a special item of jewellery valued over $2,000, remember to specify it on your policy. If we come to an agreement, we’ll cover its replacement value for an extra premium. Don’t worry about specifying at-home jewellery pieces below this amount. They’re automatically covered for theft up to $2,000 per item or set up to a total of $5,000. Limits, conditions and exclusions apply, so for the full lowdown on claims ie, how to claim and what exactly you can claim for check out our PDS.​


Laptops, notebooks and tablets

These items made up 4.6% of our total theft claims. That’s $16,776,308 in five years!

If you can’t imagine parting with your devices, don’t worry; our standard Contents Insurance can cover them at home.

If you like to stay connected on the go, consider adding Portable Valuables Cover as an Optional Cover. And remember—these types of devices must be specified as ‘extra cover specified items’.

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Power tools

These items made up 2.9% of all our recent theft claims.

Luckily for tradies (and anyone who keeps equipment used for business purposes at home), we cover tools of trade. These items don’t need to be specified; you’re entitled to up to $2,000 if they’re lost or damaged in an insured event.


This is a classic one, making up 2.6% of our theft claims.

AAMI Contents Insurance provides cover for cash, smart cards, vouchers, phone cards and more, up to a limit.

There you have it folks: these are the top six items burglars love to get their hands on—based on AAMI claims data. Remember, you can’t prevent a home invasion, but you can get covered.

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