Where to hide valuables in your home


The average thief spends less than 15 minutes robbing a home. With the master bedroom often their first stop, it’s time to think about moving that jewellery box away from your dresser and get creative with your hiding spots. Here are 10 ways you could hideyour treasures and attempt to outsmart the criminals.

Of course, these are just suggestions, and none of them are foolproof. Have a think about what works for you and your house – the main thing is that it’s somewhere a thief wouldn’t immediately spot, which could be different from home to home.

1. Pot plants

Indoor plants are all the rage, so chances are you have a few. Burying your valuables in the soil of your favourite fiddle leaf may keep it safe from intruders. Just be sure whatever you’re hiding is in a waterproof container!

2. Pantry items

Cereal boxes, empty cans or old jars can be a great hiding spot. Unless your thief gets the munchies mid-break-in, they might not have time to peruse your pantry.

3. Hollowed-out books

If you’ve got a decent book collection, a book safe could blend in seamlessly. Buy one online or DIY; your treasures will be hidden in plain sight and easy for you to access.

4. Freezer

Have some extra space in your freezer? It could be used it to hide money or important documents. This also gives them a better chance of surviving a house fire.   

5. Dog food bag

Why not try using your pooch’s dry food as a hiding spot? Take out the biscuits, pop your valuables in the bottom – in a sealed container of course – and pour the food back in. Easy!

6. Kid’s room

As long as your kid’s room isn’t filled with electronic devices, there probably isn’t much of value in there for thieves. You could also hide things in stuffed toys – just make sure they don’t end up at Vinnie’s!

7. Kitchen bin

Under your kitchen or bathroom bin bag is a sneaky – and potentially stinky – hiding place where thieves aren’t likely to look… unless they plan on taking out the rubbish when they leave.

8. Laundry basket

The low likelihood of finding anything of value at the bottom of a dirty clothes pile makes your laundry basket a potential hiding place. Just make sure whatever you’re hiding is waterproof, in case it ends up in the washing machine!

9. Old appliances

An old vacuum cleaner lying around isn’t likely to pique the interest of anyone raiding your house. Find one at an op-shop – it doesn’t have to work! – and the canister will provide you with a decent amount of hidden storage. Kettles and microwaves could work well, too.

10. Garage boxes

A box in your garage labelled “Christmas decorations” probably won’t get a second glance from intruders. You could even pop a bit of tinsel in the top to really sell the illusion!

There are some things money can’t replace, so it can help to keep these hidden well. For the things it can, you can rest easy knowing AAMI offers cover for loss or damage at your property caused by insured events with AAMI Home & Contents Insurance.

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