How building and contents insurance covers fixtures and fittings


Understanding the difference between fixtures and fittings can make life a whole lot easier when figuring out your home insurance policy (and may also make your date night run more smoothly!).

What are fixtures?

Fixtures are things that are secured (or ‘fixed’, hey hey?) to the building. If it’s firmly attached to the property with glue, nails, cement, or something similar, it’s most likely a fixture. Basically, it’s anything you couldn’t (or wouldn’t!) take with you when moving out.

That includes:

  • light fixtures
  • built-in wardrobes
  • ceiling fans
  • shelving units
  • TV mounts
  • kitchen units, and
  • plugs and sockets

How do I insure my fixtures?

Your fixtures should automatically be covered by your building insurance (or home and contents insurance, since that covers both the building and the stuff inside it). With AAMI’s Building Insurance, for example, you’re covered for all sorts of fixtures, including:

  • permanently housed, connected and wired electrical appliances, like split system air conditioners
  • permanently fixed outdoor items, such as solar panels and clothes lines, and
  • anything permanently attached to the floor, ceiling or walls.

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What are fittings?

While fixtures are permanently fixed to your building, fittings are, well, not. They’re typically freestanding items, such as furniture and white goods. However, it can get confusing with items that are only semi-attached or able to be removed, as these are technically fittings.

That includes:

  • carpets
  • curtains, blinds, and curtain rails, and
  • ovens

How do I insure my fittings?

Fittings are counted as contents, which means you’ll need to insure them under a contents or home and contents insurance policy. AAMI Contents Insurance covers off the fittings listed above, plus the other usual suspects (like your couch, clothes, coffee machine, and more).

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Understanding fixtures and fittings within your insurance policy

Understanding what counts as a fixture or fitting can get confusing. Product Disclosure Statements come in handy here, as they fully list what’s included in a contents or building insurance policy. You can also avoid the confusion with a combined home and contents insurance policy, which should cover the whole shebang.

At the end of the day, only you know what will work for your needs and give you the most peace of mind.

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