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5 DIY jobs to try this weekend


Doing it yourself is a time-honoured tradition for us Aussies. Embrace your inner handyman (or woman!) and check out these five tasks perfect for DIY first-timers.

There’s something extremely satisfying about rolling up your sleeves and putting in some good-old-fashioned hard work. A quick look on Pinterest reveals hundreds of DIY hacks to help kit-out your house and garden. If you’re a first-timer, it’s always a good idea to start small. Check out these great ideas, perfect for DIY newbies.

Create your own herb garden

Tired of having to buy fresh herbs? Might be time to start growing your own! There are some fantastic ideas out there for DIY herb gardens, including this ingenious idea for creating a vertical three-tier planter out of a wooden pallet. All you need is a pallet, hammer and nails to get to work. Use blackboard paint on your pallet so you can label and relabel your herbs according to what’s growing. Hot tip: Mount your vertical garden to the wall to prevent tipping. 

Cap off your couch

You’ll never lose the remote or spill tea on your couch again with this handy hack – a homemade wooden sofa-arm table. A great alternative to a coffee, it’s the perfect addition for those in need of extra storage space. All you need to get started is a measuring tape, some timber, glue, hammer and nails. When measuring your sofa arm, make sure you add a little extra space – no more than 5mm – so your sofa arm table isn’t too loose or too snug. This comprehensive step-by-step guide from Bunnings will set you on the right path. Hot tip: Putty and sand over the nails then paint for a picture-perfect finish.

Put up picture rails

Ever been envious of those who can hang pictures anywhere without having to drill a hole in the wall or use damage-free hanging hooks? Then try adding DIY picture rails to your home. These beauties aren’t just practical additions – they’re perfect for adding a little architectural interest to your space. You can find pre-prepared picture rails at your local hardware store, so all you need to do is cut them to length and mount them wherever you please. Hot tip: This project involves a little more DIY know-how, so get help if you need it. 

Makeover your furniture

Have some tired old timber chairs in desperate need of a makeover? Never fear! Give your old wooden furniture – from bar stools to tables, drawers and desks – a stylish new look by repainting. Think about your décor style before picking a new hue. Love the French provincial look? Try a white chalk paint you can sand down to achieve a beautiful, weathered look. Think bolder is better? Eye-popping shades of green, yellow or blue might be right up your alley. Another option is to simply restain your wooden furniture for a more natural look. Before you get started, read this guide from Country Living magazine on common mistakes to avoid. Hot tip: Want a kitchen makeover without the hefty price tag? Try repainting your cupboards!

Change the door knobs

It sounds simple, but replacing old door handles with shiny fresh ones can bring a whole new look to your home. Before you get started, think about the kind of handles you want to install. Are you looking to add some art deco charm with vintage-style knobs and handles, or are you after a more modern look? Hot tip: Locks and handles fit together in different ways, so read the instructions.

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