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Guide to Kitchen Renovation


If you’re selling or leasing your home, renovating the kitchen can provide a recipe for big returns. Or, if you’re going to be living in your house for the foreseeable future, then it’s vital to have a space that feels fresh and suits your tastes.

But, like most people, you’re probably on the kind of budget that keeps you from treating yourself to top-shelf appliances and design features for your kitchen. So, how can you cook up an amazing kitchen renovation without burning through all your savings? We have some ideas!


Every kitchen needs a place to put stuff. But if you’re planning to add some snazzy new appliances—say, a new dishwasher or a huge oven—you may inadvertently cut into the all-important storage space.

Make a note of every drawer and cabinet that you use currently. If your new kitchen plan has a lot less of these things, then you might want to re-think it. Try to do this even if you’re going to sell or lease the property; the incoming occupants may or may not have as many items needing storage as you do, but they’ll probably have quite a few.

New appliances

If your appliances are starting to show their age, then some replacements could be just the ingredient your kitchen needs to really wow people. You don’t have to spend big and get the top-of-the-line versions of everything, but you should get something reliable that fits the overall feel of your new kitchen. Pick one or two standout appliances if you don’t have the budget to replace everything.

If you’re planning to rent your house out, being able to advertise the fact that you have new appliances—and the associated warranties—can only help with setting your rental price.


You might have things like new tiles, new benchtops and new cabinet doors at the top of your to-do list. And all of those can be worthwhile, if your budget allows for them. If it doesn’t, though, you still have options!

Tired tile work and boring benchtops can be spruced up for a fraction of the cost of replacing them, just using a little paint. Some research is required, as you should ensure that you’re using the right kind of paint for any given surface. But once you’ve figured that out, you get to the fun part—picking colours! You might want to keep your kitchen neat and modern with white walls, especially if you’re renovating to sell. But if this is going to be your own kitchen, where you have your private karaoke singalongs while you cook your meals, you might want to add some spice with unique pops of colour.


You might be happy with your kitchen’s layout, and only want to update the surface details. But you could be looking at this renovation as an opportunity to stir things up and introduce a whole new floor plan.

This can be a great idea. A new layout could allow you to address any shortcomings of the previous design, such as too little bench space or too great a distance from dishwasher to cupboards.

But there are pitfalls to be aware of. If you’re moving cabinets (or the oven) around, you might end up with doors that can’t be opened without bumping into each other. You also want to ensure that the “kitchen triangle” is intact; that is, that the sink, fridge and stove are near each other and free from obstruction.

If you’re planning to mix up your layout, try to walk through all the actions you frequently perform in the kitchen to make sure that they’ll all be catered for.


Ultimately, your kitchen renovation decisions will largely be impacted by what you can afford. Make sure that you have enough money for major changes—especially if you’re updating the layout. Once that’s taken care of, all the extra details will be the icing on the cake!


Now that your kitchen renovation has resulted in the kitchen of your dreams, you’ll want to protect your beautiful home – and the things inside it. Home and Contents Insurance is something to consider for your home, so that you are covered in the case of loss or damage due to break-ins, floods, fire or other weather events. Be sure to let your insurer know of any renovation works you plan to carry out before you get started.


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