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10 ways to stay cool at home from AAMI


Air con isn’t the only option to keep cool during the heat of summer. Try these 10 easy tips from AAMI to avoid the heat and stay cool in your home, without racking up a large energy bill. 

Before you check out our cooling tips, make sure your home is insured. AAMI Home and Contents Insurance includes cover against fire, storms, lightning, theft or attempted theft, and more.*

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Now, on to our 10 ways to stay cool at home.

1. Freeze your bed sheets

We all know that uncomfortable feeling of tossing and turning when trying to get a good nights sleep on a hot summer’s night. However, there are easier and cheaper ways than turning on the air con and leaving the power on overnight. Instead, AAMI suggests dampening your bed sheets or pillowcases with a wet cloth and popping them in the freezer for 30 minutes before hitting the hay. Let them cool down before placing on your bed again, then enjoy falling into a relaxing and deep slumber. 

2. Eat spicy foods 

It might sound weird, but eating a hot, spicy meal can make you sweat, which cools you down faster. Go on, get your curry on!

3. Wear a scarf (yes, really!)

Of course we don’t mean the chunky woollen type, but a small and lightweight scarf like a bandana. Soak it in cold water, wring it out, and then tie it around your neck for a super-cool effect (and to keep your hair from sticking to your neck). 

4. Make your own ‘ice-cream’

Cool down on a scorcher of a day with healthy, homemade 'ice cream' that’s ready in next to no time. All you need to do is pop frozen mango, natural Greek-style yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of cinnamon into the blender and blitz until smooth. Pop in the freezer to settle and then enjoy your tasty treat and cool down time. 

5. Keep your cool in the kitchen

A simple but effective way to stay cool at home and not use electricity is to leave the oven and stovetop off and make a variety of no-cook meals. Think fancy, filling salads and healthy, nourishing poke bowls. You’ll thank us later. 

6. Treat your feet

It’s obvious that doing too much in the heat can make you hotter, so why not chill out for fifteen minutes by soaking your tootsies in a bucket of cold water – perfect during those Netflix movie nights. There are a number of pulse points in your feet, so getting them cool can help decrease your body temperature. AAMI’s extra tip is to add a few drops of essential peppermint oil too, for a relaxing fragrance and extra cooling effect. 

7. Turn out the lights

Do you enjoy saving money, keeping cool and being romantic? Why not try turning out the lights and having dinner by candlelight on summer evenings? Turning the lights out is a cooling way to keep the heat down and it’s money saving too. Although halogen lights are cheaper, they actually emit more heat and are more costly compared to fluorescents and LEDs.

8. Use fans to full effect

While fans don’t actually cool the environment like air con does, they use much less electricity. If you have a standing fan, table fan or box fan, place a shallow dish or roasting tray filled with ice in front of it, which releases a cooling mist into the air. If you have ceiling fans as well as air con, you could consider using both at a moderate temperature, which may be more efficient and less expensive. 

9. Fill up a cold-water bottle

Pour cold water into a ‘hot’ water bottle until half full and place it in the freezer. Come bedtime, place it at your feet to help cool you down – a better option than icepacks which can make for a wet, messy bed. 

10. Drink up

One of the simplest and easiest ways to stay cool this summer is to drink lots of H20. It’s free, easy and can even be jazzed up with slices of cucumber, strawberry or citrus. Whichever takes your fancy, make sure to stay hydrated and cool in Australia this summer.


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