Insurance for tradies – works for plumbers

If you’re working as a plumber on a building site or private property, you’ll be aware that accidents do happen. Insurance that provides cover for the different needs of tradies, including plumbers, can help cover your business in the event of something going wrong.

Just as not all plumbers do the same work, not all insurance is exactly the same. It’s super important to review what your business does, and what types of work you usually take on. Do you work as a self-employed plumber running your own business or as a subcontractor?

Insurance for tradies can cover you against a wide range of risks your business could face. Here’s a look at some insurances you may need for your trades business.

Public Liability Insurance cover

From burst pipes to leaking drains, plumbers are masters of fixing common problems. But if a customer slips and falls on a wet surface, or trips over a yet-to-be fixed pipe, you could find yourself in hot water.

You don’t want to get caught up public liability creek without an insurance paddle. Public Liability Insurance can cover the damage to property or personal injury to a third party, like if a customer’s home was damaged as a result of your work. Replacing waterlogged floorboards isn’t cheap, nor cabinetry and paintwork. That’s where Public Liability Insurance comes in.

Discover Public Liability Insurance

Portable and Valuable Items Insurance

Looking after your own tools and supplies is essential for the operations of business. Out of all of the trades, plumbers often have a diverse range of tools. From pipe cutters or pipe wrenches, completing any plumbing installation, maintenance or repair job requires a decent set of tools (along with a lot of know-how).

If your tools are accidently lost or damaged, Portable and Valuable Items cover for your tools can help make sure it’s not money down the drain. This type of insurance for tradies can cover your plumbing tools, along with your business property and equipment against loss, damage or theft.

Accidental Injury Insurance

Accidents do happen. Even the most indestructible of us aren’t immune from mishaps and mistakes. And by working in trades like plumbing, often there may be risks to personal safety. The potential for physical harm is alarmingly broad, from on-site construction accidents through to exposure to hazardous materials, the risks are high.

Just as you would manage your income, managing your health at work is equally as crucial. You might consider what a loss of income might do to your business without adequate insurance. And if you were to suffer an accidental injury or illness which prevented you from working, you may be covered in the event of personal accident and illness.

Avoid landing your business in hot water with insurance specific to plumbers’ needs. We can help you get a better understanding of your Small Business Insurance requirements online or alternatively have a chat with our friendly team today on 13 22 44 (8.30am - 6pm AEST/AEDT, Mon-Fri).

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