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Here at AAMI, we take pride in making insurance claims as simple as we can. That’s why, where possible, we take care of the quote and repair process using our network of preferred repairers — so you can sit back, relax, and let us handle things.

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Motor repairs

Home and contents repairs


Motor repairs

When you lodge a motor claim with AAMI and any damage to your vehicle is covered under your policy, we’ll connect you with one of our authorised repairers. We’ll let you know where to drop your vehicle off, and you’ll get a notification when it’s ready to pick up.

We insist on the highest standards for our customers, which is why we also offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship and materials for all authorised car repairs. And this stays with your car – even if you choose to sell it! For more information on the AAMI Lifetime Repair Guarantee, check out the Product Disclosure Statement for your policy. 

Tracking your motor repairs

We’ve made tracking your motor repairs even easier. Using AAMI Online, you can view:

  • your vehicle assessment booking time
  • details of your authorised repairer, and
  • live motor repair progress tracking.

Getting around after an incident

If damage to your car is covered by your policy, we’ll cover your transport costs. This includes:

  • from the scene of the incident to your destination, if your car isn’t driveable
  • to and from the repairer of your car, and
  • to and from a hire car provider. 

After an incident where damage to your car is covered, if your car is rendered unroadworthy, it isn’t safe for you to drive, or it needs to be held in storage as a result of the above, we’ll cover the cost of one tow to get your car from the scene of the incident to our nearest repairer or to another nominated location agreed to by us. 

Limits, conditions and exclusions apply.  For more info on what we do and don’t cover for motor claims, you can read the Product Disclosure Statement for your policy. 

AAMI Roadside Assist

When you take out an AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, you’ll be able to add optional Roadside Assist. No matter who’s behind the wheel, AAMI Roadside Assist covers:

  • 24/7 unlimited roadside callouts
  • help with flat batteries and tyres
  • help with lost or locked-in keys, and 
  • towing.

AAMI Roadside Assist means we can be there for you when you need it most. Refer to 'Other Important Documents' in our Policy Documents for full terms and conditions.

AAMI Roadside Assist

Home and contents repairs

We help take the stress out of Home Insurance claims by organising the repair or replacement of your damaged home and contents where possible. 

Home Building Insurance

When you make a Home Building Insurance claim, we’ll assess the damage and either organise repairs or rebuilding, or a cash settlement (for the amount of the assessed quote). If you’re covered for the costs of rebuilding or repairing damaged parts of your building, we’ll pay the reasonable and necessary costs of the following:

  • temporary work required to make the damaged/destroyed building and insured address safe
  • necessary services of professionals, like architects or surveyors, to repair or rebuild at the insured address, and
  • making the damaged building components comply with current home building regulations and laws. 

We only pay these costs if the building components complied with home building regulations and laws when they were built or when construction, repairs, renovations or alterations were undertaken.

Limits, conditions and exclusions apply. For a full list of what repairs we do and don’t cover for your home, as well as information about debris clearing and cover for temporary accommodation, check out your policy’s Product Disclosure Statement.

Home Contents Insurance

When it comes to Home Contents Insurance, we’ll replace or repair your contents - or pay you their value where this isn’t possible. If the cost of repair or replacement exceeds your contents sum insured, you’ll be paid your sum insured.

When we repair your contents, we guarantee the quality of that work for the lifetime of the item - if we authorise, arrange and pay the repairer directly.

If the motor in one of your fixed appliances burns out or fuses and that motor is less than 7 years old, we'll help you take care of repair or replacement. This equipment can include pumps for pools that are easily relocatable and pumps for air conditioners or fridges. We’ll get a repairer in our network to provide a quote. If the quote is less than the cost of replacement of the motor, we’ll authorise the repairs, otherwise we’ll organise a replacement. 

AAMI Home Assist

For Home and Contents or Building Only Insurance, you can add optional AAMI Home Assist. If you have a home emergency and suddenly need a plumber, electrician, locksmith or carpenter, we’ll send one over ASAP. 

What’s even better is that an AAMI Home Assist callout is not classed as a claim under your policy, so there’s no excess payable. Though it’s worth mentioning that it can’t be used for general maintenance1, preventative services2, or disaster response3.

AAMI Home Assist

Repairs for other claims

The repair and replacement process for claims varies depending on what policy you hold. To find out what repairs we’ll cover and what the repairs process looks like, check out the relevant Product Disclosure Statement.

Whether you take out a car insurance policy or home and contents insurance, you can be assured we’ll support you throughout a claim and any necessary repairs or replacements. 

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1AAMI Home Assist does not cover general maintenance, such as the provision or replacement of windows, doors, glass, tiles, carpets and of fittings and fixtures. Other exclusions apply - please read the AAMI Home Assist terms and conditions.

2AAMI Home Assist does not cover preventative services, such as the removal of property, rubbish or debris. Please read the AAMI Home Assist terms and conditions.

3AAMI Home Assist is not an emergency rescue or disaster response service. Read the AAMI Home Assist terms and conditions to find out more. Where an emergency situation poses a risk to your personal safety or property, or the personal safety and property of any other person, contact the appropriate emergency or rescue services.


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