Chris Lucas | The Broadsheet Kitchen Mentor

Image credit: Pete Dillon @popil for Broadsheet

Broadsheet, in partnership with AAMI Business Insurance, caught up with Chin Chin owner, Chris Lucas, to find out about his mentorship at Broadsheet Kitchen.

Chris Lucas started working at his dad’s pub in Geelong when he was just 10 years old. At the pub he’d help cook the dishes, sweep the floors, serve customers and even answer the phones. “It wasn’t unheard of to put in 18-hour days,” Lucas told Broadsheet.

His ambitious attitude to take risks and make mistakes has fuelled the success of his career. Since his days at the pub, Lucas has become the proud owner of popular restaurants Baby, Kisume, Kong and the highly successful, Chin Chin.

On top of his already busy schedule, Lucas has made time to become a mentor to the budding restaurateurs taking over the Broadsheet Kitchen at Saint Crispin for 12 months.

He used his culinary expertise to help guide Ryan Dolan, Broadsheet Kitchen’s first resident chef, and now he is keeping a watchful eye over Broadsheet Kitchen’s new resident chef, Matti Fallon as he brings his Chinese inspired menu to life.

Lucas is already onto his next project, telling Broadsheet that a new Melbourne-based restaurant is in the works from the Sydney team behind the now-closed Sepia.

Can’t wait? Satisfy your hunger by booking a table at Broadsheet Kitchen.

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