Turning the Little Company into a big deal

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Broadsheet, in partnership with AAMI Business Insurance, caught up with Stacy Burt to find out about her small business that’s revolutionising skin care, called Little Company.

With a focus on self-care and wellbeing, the company specialises in facials and LED light therapy.

As an AAMI Small Business Insurance customer, Burt shares her journey of expanding Little Company interstate and provides valuable advice for other aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ever since its inception in Cremorne, Melbourne four years ago, Stacy Burt has been kicking goals. Her most recent goal, expanding Little Company to Byron Bay.

The recent expansion has meant she can afford to hire outside expertise, like a marketing agency to help with Little Company’s communications.

When it comes to outsourcing, Burt relies on word-of-mouth to decide who to work with. “I always try to go with a recommendation,” she told Broadsheet. “If I don’t have a recommendation, then I’ll always try to get free quotes – that’s the rule of thumb.”

When choosing a company to work with, her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to ‘absorb them as much as you can into the company’ and not be afraid to ask questions. She also recommends finding a mentor, “someone who can support you, someone you can lean on and go to for advice.”

Image credit: @dalepharper

Burt believes the key to a successful business is to be organised and build a strong team.

She treats her staff like she would family. They need to ‘take care of themselves’ in order to ‘take care of the clients’. To keep her Melbourne family and Byron family connected, she uses organisational tools like Slack and Trello, helping her to stay on top of things.

Her final piece of advice for aspiring business owners is to make sure the business is properly insured. Having experienced floods and robberies, Burt says AAMI Business Insurance has been “a lifesaver. You wouldn’t open a business without good insurance. It’s saved us on multiple occasions.”

Burt’s plan to expand Little Company continues to grow, setting her sights on Queensland and a second Melbourne store.

From humble beginnings to established businesses, AAMI Business Insurance offers flexible cover and has the products available to allow you to scale up your insurance as, and when, your business grows. We work with a range of industries; whether you’re a beautician, a chef, a designer or a tradie, we tailor to your unique needs.

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