Drive less, pay less? It may be possible!


On average, Aussies drive 16 kilometres to and from work everyday1. But as remote work increases in popularity, many of us are spending more time on the couch and way less time in the car. While maintaining your car insurance is important, it’s worth checking whether you could shave a few dollars off your premium. One way you may be able to do this is reducing the kilometres listed on your policy.

How the distance you drive affects your policy

When you took out your AAMI Car Insurance policy, you would’ve given us an estimate of how far you drive in a year. Since rarely used cars aren’t as likely to be in an accident, they present a lower risk, and this is factored into your premium price.

So, if your car is being used less frequently than it used to be, let us know! It might knock a few bucks off your premium.

How to reduce the kilometres listed on your policy

No need to sit in a queue on the phone – this can easily be done via your My Account. Simply:

  1. Log in to your My Account and select your Car Insurance policy.
  2. Click the pencil icon that says ‘Update policy’.
  3. Go to the ‘Kilometres per year’ field and update away!

If making this change leads to a reduction of your premium, the amount will be displayed immediately after you’ve made the change.

Don’t have a My Account yet? Register for one here and get started.

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Other ways you could reduce your premium online

Removing drivers from your policy

If other people listed on your policy aren’t driving, like a partner or your kids, it may be worth temporarily removing them. Doing so may potentially help you save on your premium. Just remember to re-add any listed drivers to your account once they start driving again.

Get an AAMI Flexi-Premium® if your policy is up for renewal

If your policy is up for renewal, you can choose how much you pay on your car insurance premium by varying your excess with our Flexi-Premium®. Usually, the higher the excess, the higher the savings! When renewing your policy, simply select how much excess you want to pay from within the range we offer, which will then affect your premium. Keep in mind though, if you do ever need to make a claim, you’ll need to pay more out of your own pocket. If you’re driving less, you may be less likely to have an accident, so this hot tip can be super useful to help you save.

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