Fact or Fiction: It’s more expensive to insure a red car?


Separate the facts from the fiction with the latest in AAMI’s myth-busting series to help you uncover the truth about some common insurance misconceptions.

Answer: Fiction!

Well, when you insure with AAMI, it’s fiction.

Many people believe that red car owners drive more dangerously – a trait which bumps up premiums. In fact, if you head online it won’t be long before you find a study or two that claims red cars are indeed more likely to be involved in crashes than other cars.

Some insurance companies look at this data and charge higher premiums to drivers of high-risk coloured cars. But, we don’t think that your taste in car colour should factor into what kind of premium you pay!

When pricing our insurance policies, we look at your past behaviour, not your car’s colour. So, your insurance premium will not be affected by the colour of your car, but the track record of your driver history. Bet you didn’t think all those years of safe, responsible driving would prove to be so handy…

If you’d like to insure any car – red or otherwise! – you can apply for an AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance policy and may be eligible for AAMI’s Safe Driver Rewards® program*. This benefits safe drivers who remain claim-free, with discounts on your renewal premium as well as the option of adding discounted AAMI Roadside Assist to your cover (after your first year).

So, at AAMI, you can rest assured that your premium won’t be affected by your colour choice. Go ahead and get that red car!

*AAMI’s Safe Driver Rewards® program is available based on number of years car is continuously insured on the same Comprehensive Car Insurance policy without a claim on the policy that impacts the Safe Driver Rewards status. The program may be changed or withdrawn without notice. Safe Driver Rewards credit/discount is a percentage of the Comprehensive Car Insurance rated premium paid the previous year and is applied as a credit to next year’s rated premium.

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