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When should you call for roadside assistance?


Broken down? Get help now
For emergency roadside assistance, call us 24/7
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Available 24 hours after purchasing AAMI Roadside Assist. For full coverage details, please review the Terms and Conditions.

When it comes to getting out of tricky situations you encounter while driving, AAMI roadside assistance can really be a lifesaver. Most people know that if they’re having trouble getting their car started that they can dial that magic phone number, but do you know all of the situations that your insurer can come to your rescue?

This guide lays it all out, so that you can fully understand the potential benefits of AAMI roadside assistance, and make sure you’re getting the most from your cover.

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Situations you can call on roadside assistance for

Roadside assistance packages come in all shapes, sizes and prices, so it’s important to read all the information about the product you’re considering buying. With that being said, you’ll usually be covered for:

Flat batteries

There aren’t many things as frustrating as that spluttering sound your poor, dead battery makes as you prayerfully turn the key in the ignition. Whether your battery has just been worn down from leaving your headlights on, or it’s carked for good, roadside assistance can give you a jumpstart to recharge your battery out on the road or allow you to head to your local mechanic.

Flat tyres

The interruption that a punctured tyre can cause to your day is often frustrating enough, without having to navigate the whole changing a tyre process. If you don’t have the right tools or knowledge to do it yourself, a professional can be a really big help (and, usually, save you a lot of time and stress).

Emergency fuel

Have you overestimated how long you can keep driving with that “low fuel” light on before you fill up again? It happens to the best of us, but doesn’t mean you have to abandon your car and walk for hours to find the nearest petrol station. Roadside assist can often bring you a top up to help you drive somewhere to fill up properly. How much petrol that will be will vary on your specific insurer - for example, AAMI will bring up to $10 worth of fuel or tow you to the nearest station or place of safety if you drive an LPG car.

Towing your car

If your car can’t be fixed by a roadside assist mechanic or you’ve got a flat tyre that can’t be safely changed where you’ve stopped, a towing service can be a useful option. Your car is generally towed to the nearest repairer – with AAMI, that’s up 20km away in metro areas or 100km in the countryside.

Lost or locked keys  

You’ve got to love that sinking feeling when you realise that you’ve locked yourself out of your car – or, worse, you’ve misplaced your keys completely. If that happens, roadside assistance can often provide locksmith services to unlock your car, or even help bring you your spare key.

Do you need roadside assistance?

Many Australians choose to add roadside assistance on top of their car insurance policies, because they understand that sometimes, the unexpected can happen when you’re out on the road. Whether or not it’s going to be beneficial for you is really a personal decision, so it’s important that you read the policy documents and other information available to you before making a choice.

Luckily, you can get AAMI Roadside Assist for less than $86 per year when you have AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance. Still need time to explore your options? Browse our car insurance online today!

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AAMI Car Insurance, NSW and ACT CTP Insurance, and Caravan Insurance are issued by AAI Limited ABN 48 005 297 807 AFSL 230859 (AAI) trading as AAMI. Consider the Product Disclosure Statement before making a decision about this insurance. This advice has been prepared without taking into account your particular objectives, financial situations or needs, so you should consider whether it is appropriate for you before acting on it. AAMI Roadside Assist is an Optional Cover only available in conjunction with AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance.