What’s the difference between pink, blue and Green Slips for cars?


Do you own – or plan to own – a vehicle in NSW? If you do, you’ll need to know the difference between the three coloured ‘slips’ when it comes to registration and insurance.

What is a pink slip?

A yearly eSafety inspection report – or pink slip – is required for most light vehicles over five years old. The report verifies the vehicle is roadworthy so it can be registered in NSW.

Your registration renewal will tell you if you need an inspection. If your vehicle fails the inspection, you’ll have 14 days to carry out the required repairs – otherwise you’ll need to pay for a new eSafety check.

What is a blue slip?

A blue slip is an authorised unregistered vehicle inspection report that confirms an unregistered vehicle is safe to drive. All unregistered light vehicles need a blue slip inspection before they can be registered in NSW. The inspection report is valid for 42 days. You must provide the original hard copy of the report (blue slip) when registering the vehicle at the service centre.

You’ll need a blue slip if you want to:

  • sell an unregistered vehicle
  • register a vehicle whose rego expired more than three months ago
  • register a vehicle that has no number plates, or
  • register a vehicle that was brought into NSW from interstate or overseas.

What is a Green Slip?

Also known as Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance, a Green Slip is an insurance policy that covers costs related to injuries caused in a motor vehicle accident. The costs covered include things like medical expenses and lost income.

You’ll need to buy a CTP Green Slip before you can register your vehicle in NSW.

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Do I need all three types of slip?

You may need a pink slip or a blue slip at different points in your vehicle’s lifespan. If you’re driving your vehicle, you’ll need a Green Slip at all times and a yearly pink slip if the vehicle is over five years old.

If your vehicle registration lapsed more than three months ago and you’re looking to re-register or sell the car as unregistered, you’ll need a blue slip.

How do I get a slip for my vehicle?

Pink slips and blue slips are easily obtained at an authorised safety inspection provider. Visit Service NSW to find your nearest eSafety check station.

Green Slips can be purchased directly from licensed insurers, such as AAMI.

Do Green Slips cover damage to my car and other people’s cars?

NSW Green Slips cover the cost of injuries caused by your vehicle to the people involved in an accident, including the driver – if the accident occurred in NSW. However, if you’re injured in an accident while driving or riding a NSW registered vehicle interstate, different scenarios will apply based on the scheme of each State or Territory. The NSW Government has a handy guide that lists the NSW CTP coverage in each state.

You’ll need Third Party Car Insurance to cover damage caused to other people’s vehicles and/or property, or Comprehensive Car Insurance if you also want cover for cover accidental damage to your own vehicle.

Luckily at AAMI, we offer CTP Green Slips as well as Third Party and Comprehensive Insurance for all your vehicle insurance needs!

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