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Five Halloween games to play from AAMI


It's one of the craziest nights of the year: Halloween is filled with costumes, fun and a whole lot of lollies. Gather your family, friends and neighbours for a gaggle of laughs with these five fun and easy games to play from AAMI.

1. It's all about apples

If you thought pumpkin carving was the only Halloween fun worth knowing about, then we've got a surprise for you! Bobbing for apples is another classic Halloween game, that both kids and adults love to play.

What you'll need: A large tub or basin filled with water and enough apples to almost cover the top as they float and a soft scarf.

How to play: The aim of the game is to pick an apple out of the water using just your mouth. Avoid letting players balance themselves with cheeky helping hands, by gently tying the player's wrists behind their back with a soft scarf. Then, sit back and enjoy the show as your friends, family and kids struggle to grip a piece of fruit in their fangs. The person who gets the most apples in one minute wins the game!

Up the ante: Make it even harder to find an apple by blindfolding guests before they start bobbing.

2. Pin pals

Put a spooky twist on an old favourite 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' by playing a Halloween-themed version. Try Pin the Spider on the Web, Pin the Smile on the Pumpkin, Pin the Tail on the Black Cat, Pin the 'Boo' on the Ghost, or even Pin the Wart on the Witch's Nose – the only limit is your imagination!

What you'll need: There are a whole range of 'Pin the …' style games available at party shops, so head over to your local store and see what you can find. If you can't find what you're looking for, why not gather your pencils, markers and cardboard to create your very own game? You'll also need some blue tack to place on the back of each item you're pinning so it can stick in place.

How to play: Set up the picture on a wall with lots of space around it. Tie a blindfold over the player's eyes and spin them around so the right spot is hard to find. Once they've made their mark, use a pen to record their spot so you can keep track of everyone's progress.

Up the ante: Change the orientation of the board so your players can't memorise the right spot.

3. Who's who?

Halloween isn't just about dressing up and eating candy, it's also about embracing all things spooktastic! Get into the spirit by playing Celebrity Heads, with a Halloween-inspired twist! This game usually works best with a bigger group, so try to get as many players together that you can.

What you'll need: All you need is some pens, paper and sticky tape to write down your chosen spooky personas and then stick them to your forehead! Try to think of horror movie characters…such as Pennywise, Chucky, Frankenstein or even friendly ghosts like Casper.

How to play: Once all the players have written down as many spooky names as they can, place them into a hat and jumble up. Each person picks one out and, without looking, tapes it to their forehead. The object of the game is to guess the name or character you have stuck to your forehead. Each person takes turns asking a question that can be answered with a simple yes or no answer. A positive response means that player gets another turn, while a no means it's the next person's turn. The first to guess the name they have taped to their forehead wins!

Up the ante: Make question time even harder by forbidding players to use certain words such as 'Do', 'What', 'Why' or 'Have'!

4. Just dance!

Crank up the music and scare factor in your house this Halloween, by playing a Musical Statues with monsters. Perfect for kids and fun-loving adults, put a spooky spin on it by dancing to Halloween-themed music, such as Thriller, Time Warp, Feed My Frankenstein and Monster Mash.

What you'll need: Clear the floor and crank up the disco ball, it's time to boogie! We recommend picking a playlist and getting your sound system sorted ahead of time to ensure things run smoothly.

How to play: Play the music nice and loud and then when the music stops, the players have to stop in the middle of their funniest dance moves too. The monster (or player) who can stay completely still when the music stops, will win an extra handful of lollies in their trick-or-treat bag.

Up the ante: Dial up the Halloween shenanigans by insisting that all participants have to dance in their costumes – and in character!

5. Trawling for treasure

We all know how much fun Easter egg hunts are, and you can do the same for Halloween by organising a Great Pumpkin Hunt for all the girls and ghouls in your neighbourhood. Remember to make a master map just in case all the pumpkins don't get found!

What you'll need: Gather a selection of pumpkins (or pumpkin pieces) in different sizes and hide them around your yard and in your home. Then let the kids loose to search for their prizes!

How to play: Set a timer and let the kids search for as many pumpkins they can find. The person that finds the most wins a prize!

Up the ante: Create a treasure map with clues that the kids have to follow to find the pumpkins.

No matter what you do on Halloween this year, take advantage of the night as a special (and spooky) one to spend with family and friends. Halloween brings neighbours together and is a good opportunity to spread some community cheer!

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