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Contents Insurance

Covers loss of and damage to the contents of your home, garage and shed, caused by fire, break-ins and weather events. Includes storm, flood and bushfire.

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Giving you peace of mind

  • Damage or loss of the contents of your home, garages and shed

    Caused by fire, break-ins or weather events such as floods, storms, lightning, bushfires, earthquake, tsunamis - and even meteorites!

  • Quick repair or replacement

    Up to your Sum Insured within limits

  • New for old replacement
  • Storage of undamaged contents

    Up to 10% of your Sum Insured

  • Damage to other people and their property

    Up to $20 million cover for your legal liability for an incident at your home address connected to you owning or living there.


Work out the value of your contents from the Contents Calculator

This is just a summary. For full details about what is and isn't covered, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

Contents (home)

Imagine you have the power to pick up your house and turn it upside down. All the household items that fall out are considered 'contents' (except for some things, such as cars and pets) and can be covered by AAMI Home Contents Insurance. Things left behind - like fences, light fixtures, solar panels, pergolas...even spas - may be covered by AAMI Home Building Insurance.

This is just a summary. For full details check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement). It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

Sum Insured (Home Contents)

The total amount you choose to insure the contents of your home for. It's the maximum we'll pay to repair or replace them in the event of an incident.

It's important that the 'Sum Insured' accurately reflects the replacement value of your contents.

Content limits

Fixed limits

Some content items have a 'fixed limits', which is the most we'll pay for that particular item. For example, the most we'll pay for refrigerated food is $400 in total.

Flexible limits

Some content items have 'flexible limits', which can be increased on request for an extra premium. For example, carpets have a limit of $1,000, unless you choose to specify it on your policy and increase the limit.

This is just a summary. For ful details, check the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement). It's dry, we know, but it's essential reading.

Looking to insure the contents of a property that you rent out?

Download PDS

(Product Disclosure Statment)

Helping you at every step

If you ever need to claim, your dedicated Client Manager will organise every detail from beginning to end.

  • All quotes and repairs
  • Sourcing of materials and replacement items
  • Requirements of your local council or authority
  • Tasks to get your home back to how it was
  • Regular communication with you throughout the process.

Wait, there's more!

Optional extras

High value items

Choose to specify values for individual items such as jewellery, art and antiques kept in the home.

Learn more

Portable Items

Extra cover for handbags, laptops, mobile phones and a range of other items that you're likely to take outside your home.

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Helping you get a better deal

Smart ways to lower your premium

Combine AAMI Home Building & Contents

Buy your building and contents insurance at the same time and save.

Increase your excess

Sounds complex but it's very easy! With AAMI Flexi-Premiums®, you can choose to increase your excess to lower your premium.

Pay annually

Pay it in one go! You can save with us by choosing to pay your policy annually, since paying in monthly instalments costs a bit more.

Similar features for better value

Couldn't have been easier. Included all we required with excellent value for money.

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Home Contents Insurance

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