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If the unexpected happens, claiming is unbelievably easy.


Occasionally in life, the unexpected happens. You hit the high note in that Mariah Carey song. You get through the weekend without eating too much chocolate. Or, your family’s 3D movie night becomes a little too real when the car you were watching on TV ends up in your living room.

Imagine that! You’re watching an epic car chase on TV with the family, and just as the one of the vehicles get too fast too furious, a pizza delivery car bursts into the room right through your TV screen! At least the pepperoni pizza is still intact!

If the unexpected happens to you, simply capture it, and lodge a quick and easy online claim with AAMI!

Before buying this insurance issued by AAI Limited trading as AAMI, read and consider the PDS at Claim online is only for holders of eligible AAMI insurance policies and is not suitable for all claims.