How much should you insure your house for?


When you take out home insurance, you can opt to choose a sum insured. While getting it right to the last dollar is almost impossible, having a reasonable estimate is important. If it’s too low, you may be underinsured and if it’s too high you may be paying more premium than you need to.

Know that in addition to the sum insured, there are fixed limits applicable to certain items covered under AAMI’s policies. For example, we will only cover loss or damage to fencing up to two kilometres in length, for any one incident. There are also fixed limits and flexible limits applicable to certain contents items.  You can read the full details in the Product Disclosure Statements.

Luckily, AAMI has a couple of calculators that may help!

Home and Contents Insurance Calculator

A way to estimate your home building cover

Elemental estimating

The elemental approach involves a detailed assessment, and can provide an estimate for your sum insured.

Considerations include:

  • the size of individual rooms
  • construction quality
  • features like solar power and air conditioning, and
  • other factors.

Our easy-to-use online home insurance calculators can guide you through an elemental assessment. Know that this calculator is simply a tool to produce an estimate, it cannot be guaranteed to produce an accurate result.

Remember, the calculator won’t take into account all potential rebuilding costs. Other costs to consider may include debris removal and architecture services that surpass the 10% amount of your sum insured coverage. 

Home and Contents Insurance Calculator

Why rebuilding costs vary

Building codes are regularly updated to ensure new homes are built to the latest safety standards. If they’ve been updated since the time your home was built, your original building cost or estimate may be impacted. Other impacts on your building costs could include:

  • building permits and council fees
  • removal of debris or hazardous materials, and
  • inflation on building materials, fittings and labour.

Check the current or proposed sum insured on your policy to ensure it is adequate, or chat with a professional if you’re unsure.

How to estimate your home contents cover

Our Home Contents Insurance policy cover contents at the insured address. Whether you’re a homeowner or renter, contents cover can help you get back on your feet quickly if something unexpected – like a fire or break-in – happens within your home.

When estimating the contents cover you need, make an inventory of your belongings. Your contents can include:

  • furnishings
  • white goods
  • clothing
  • electronics, and
  • jewellery (flexible limits can apply).

Although some contents items have a fixed limit, you may be able to cover others with a flexible limit. This means you can ask us to increase their cover, for an extra premium, as a specified item. Items that can have flexible limits include jewellery and art collections, memorabilia, and more. See the Product Disclosure Statement for more details on which items can be covered with flexible limits.

Alternatively, fixed limits apply to items like tools of trade, equipment used for business activity, refrigerated food, frozen food, medicines, and contents in the open air. As always, check the Product Disclosure Statement for all details, limits, and exclusions.

Make your contents inventory as detailed as possible, with copies of receipts, serial numbers and photographs where possible.

You may also choose to combine your home contents policy with your home insurance policy. Explore our interactive home and contents insurance guide to find out more.

Need help? Try an online contents calculator to help estimate your contents sum insured.

Learn more about Home and Contents Insurance

How to avoid underinsurance

Underinsurance is when your sum insured isn’t enough to cover all costs incurred after an incident. It can happen for many reasons, such as failing to increase your sum insured after a home renovation or an upgrade that adds to rebuilding costs.

Unsure about the amount of cover you need, or concerned that your changing circumstances may leave you underinsured? You may consider choosing a policy that offers Complete Replacement Cover (at an additional premium). This means that, in the event of a claim, we will offer to repair or rebuild your home, or pay the amount of the assessed quote to repair or rebuild.

​​If you’re an existing AAMI customer, you can add Complete Replacement Cover as an optional cover to your policy when it is up for renewal by calling us on 13 22 44 or by logging into your account.

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