Home Insurance optional covers explained


Optional covers can offer additional coverage for your home — and/or the stuff inside it — in certain circumstances, depending on which ones you choose. They can help you set up your Home and Contents Insurance in a way that suits your needs. Here’s how!

What are optional covers?

Optional covers are specific kinds of coverage that don’t come as standard with your Home and Contents Insurance policy. They’ll usually offer cover for a specific type of item or damage and will increase your premium if you decide to take them out.

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How to add an optional cover to your policy

It’s easy!

If you’re an AAMI Home and Contents Insurance customer, you can add an optional cover to your policy by updating it online.

  • Log into your account (you can also use the AAMI App!).
  • Select your Home Insurance policy.
  • Click ‘Update policy’.
  • Pay the additional premium.
  • Enjoy the additional coverage provided by your new optional cover.

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AAMI optional covers explained

Accidental Damage at Home

If you accidentally damage your home, contents, or both (depending on your policy type) AAMI’s Accidental Damage at Home optional cover can help.

Excess-Free Glass

Your AAMI Home and Contents Insurance policy covers broken glass that is fitted to your home, such as windows, skylights and shower screens. However, you’ll need to pay an excess if you make a claim.

Enter, Excess-Free Glass cover.

For an additional premium, this optional cover means you won’t have to pay an excess for accidental damage of glass. For more info, read our helpful guide.

AAMI Home Assist

In the event of a home emergency, such as a burst pipe or blocked drain, AAMI Home Assist can put you in touch with a carpenter, electrician, locksmith or plumber, 24/7.

It covers:

  • 3 callouts per policy period
  • repair materials (up to $50), and
  • up to 2 hours of help per callout.

Plus, there’s no excess to pay!

FYI, AAMI Home Assist is designed to support you in an emergency, so it won’t cover general maintenance, preventative services, removal of debris, or disaster response. AAMI Home Assist is also not available for the first 24 hours after adding it to your policy.

Complete Replacement Cover®

Usually, the maximum amount we’ll pay to repair or rebuild your home after an insured event is determined by your ‘sum insured’ — that’s the amount you agreed to insure your home for when you took out or renewed your policy.

While this can offer some certainty, it can also increase your risk of being underinsured. That is, if the cost of rebuilding your home is higher than you’d initially estimated — maybe because there’s been a run on building services following a major weather event, or material costs have suddenly spiked — your sum insured may wind up being inadequate.

Complete Replacement Cover® provides you with enough coverage to rebuild your house to the same condition it was in before the event. We’ll repair or rebuild your home as it was or pay you the amount of the assessed quote to do so, without you having to set a specific sum insured limit.

Portable Valuables Cover

This covers accidental loss or damage to the belongings you might carry with you away from home, such as jewellery and cameras, anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.

You’ll be covered up to $1,000 per item, set or collection and up to the total chosen from the range we offer and stated on your Certificate of Insurance. If you have a high value (over $1,000) or high risk item, you need to specify it to cover its replacement value. By doing so, you’ll ensure it’s covered up to its full amount and you won’t be out of pocket if it’s affected by an insured event.

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