5 healthy (and easy!) lunches from AAMI


When it comes to making lunch, you don’t have to cook up a five-course meal. Keep it simple and easy with a few key ingredients, so it doesn’t take up too much time in your day. It’s also a good idea to always pack a few pieces of fruit or healthy snacks, to help keep your hunger at bay throughout the day.

Need some lunch inspiration? Here are five fuss-free lunches from AAMI that you can pack for work in no time.

1) The breakfast lunch

This fill-you-up pasta salad combines all your favourite breakfast items and can be thrown together quickly. Combine cold pasta, avocado, tomato, hard-boiled egg and bacon, and drizzle it with aioli mayonnaise. 

2) The protein-packed lunch

Looking to cut down on your carbs? This simple lunch is a winner. Cooked chicken strips will keep for a few days in the fridge, so a little advance planning is needed, but then you’ll be set for two to three lunches. Marinated or plain, the choice of chicken is up to you. Combine it with any plant foods you have in your kitchen – greenery, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, canned corn or grated carrot. Add your choice of dressing just before you eat.

3) The good ol’ ham sambo

It’s a classic for a reason – most people enjoy a ham sandwich. Load it up with plenty of lettuce, cheese, tomato, carrots and choose bread that’s full of visible grains to boost the health factor. Add a mustard spread for a bit of bite and be sure to include some other snacks (like nuts and fruit) to round out your day.

4) The garden wrap

We should all be eating more veggies and with that in mind, this lunch might be just what you need to get your five-a-day. Start with a wrap of any kind and add the spread of your choice – hummus, sundried tomato, beetroot or olive tapenade. Then add lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, shredded carrots, cucumber, capsicum or any other veggie in your fridge drawer. Wrap it up and dig in!

5) The back-to-basics lunch

Sometimes we all need a little comfort food and this hark-back to the playground is a quick and easy way to fill the lunch box. A simple peanut (or almond) butter spread on a nutty, dark bread is all you need. Add some cut up veggie sticks and fruit to fill you up. 

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