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Stages of Life Insurance Guide

Life insurance for couples

Protect your future, and your now

Should I get life insurance if I’m living with my partner?

Just because you don’t have children to worry about doesn’t mean you and your partner aren’t without financial obligations. Your responsibilities are geared towards each other.

Whether you’re living in a de facto relationship or happily married, you still share increasing financial obligations as you accomplish goals together. Is marriage on the charts? You may wish to buy your first home, get a promotion or change industries, and even plan for kids down the track. These are all expensive affairs.

So what would happen if your happily ever after took an unexpected turn? The bills might be halved now with two wages coming in, but how would you both cope if you were suddenly forced to live off one salary?

Protect your...

  • Soulmate
  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Financial Independence
  • Savings goals


What cover may be right for couples?

Imagine how you and your partner’s finances and emotional wellbeing would be affected in the following scenarios:

You could get sick or injured and be unable to work

If your health took a major knock and you could no longer work, life might be very different living on only your partner’s income. You may find it difficult to manage your financial obligations and maintain your lifestyle while you can no longer contribute to these expenses.

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Income Protection

Receive a monthly benefit to help keep you afloat while taking the burden off your partner. It can help take care of your ongoing expenses so you both can maintain your standard of living and focusing on recovering.

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If you were not here to support your partner financially

The end isn’t something young lovebirds think about, but death is inevitable. If something did happen and you were no longer around, what would it mean for your partner and the financial obligations you leave behind?

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Life Insurance

Life insurance is your way of looking out for your partner and minimising any burden. It could mean that your share of the mortgage and any other debts wouldn’t hold your partner back.

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Policy terms (including waiting periods, exclusions and limits) apply. Read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

The earlier, the better

You’re never too young or too healthy to consider getting covered. Starting a customised policy while time and health are on your side has a lot of perks:

  • Cheaper

    Life insurance premiums are substantially more attractive during adulthood when you’re fit, free of health issues and less risky to insure.

  • Confidence

    Helps you rest easy knowing your partner won’t have to carry the full load of shared debt sustaining a level of your current standard of living if you couldn’t contribute.

  • Accessibility

    More insurance options and higher coverage levels will be available to you when you’re healthy and still relatively young. If you delay life insurance and chronic health conditions start to show up (like diabetes, high cholesterol or cancer), it’s much harder to get insured.

  • Flexible cover

    As your life stage changes, a quick update to your policy will ensure your cover level matches your growing needs. E.g, if you get hitched, buy your first home together or start a family.

  • Savings

    Locking in a cheaper premium at a young age means extra savings in the long run. The even better news is life insurance protects your larger financials goals, since you won’t have to dip into your wedding funds or once-in-a-lifetime holiday savings if the unexpected hit.

  • Tax benefits

    Income protection premiums may be tax deductible, which comes in handy every time you lodge your annual tax return with the ATO. The tax treatment of Income Protection will depend on your individual circumstances.

Facts of life

Even if the worst doesn’t happen, it’s still much cheaper to get life insurance as a young couple compared to later on in life.

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