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Stages of Life Insurance Guide

Life insurance for empty nesters

Protect your way of life, even as it changes

The kids have grown up, moved out and are leading their own life – and it’s time for you and your partner to reclaim your own. You’re both the focus again and now have the time (and space!) to sit back and enjoy the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to create.

Your home is a bit tidier and quieter, and downsizing has probably crossed your mind as retirement nears. With the kids gone and a lot more disposable cash available, you can travel to destinations you’ve dreamed about and enjoy luxuries you may not have been able to afford. So why would you need life insurance if you’re financially stable and the mortgage is mostly (if not) paid off?

Why is it important to get cover?

Whether you’re 21 or 53, your age doesn’t matter when it comes to deciding on life insurance. It’s got more to do with the stage in life you have reached and taking steps to protect everything you treasure from life’s unexpected knocks.

All of those assets you’ve been building are still under your wing. and you’ve still got your own day-to-day household expenses to stay on top of, too. Plus, it’s nice to lend a few bucks to the kids every now and then or spoil the grandkids. You may even be helping out financially to care for your own aging parents. These things all add up.

If something were to happen to you, do you ever wonder how it would impact your nest egg and the future? Let alone your partner and plans to ease into retirement. Life insurance can help provide the financial support your spouse needs to still live and grow old comfortably, with or without you if you didn’t make it. It also means you’re helping to preserve the financial future of your children and grandchildren.

Help protect your soulmate and what you’ve built:
  • Nest egg
  • Home
  • Lifestyle
  • Investments


What cover could be right for you?

Consider how you and your spouse would stay afloat if the following scenarios became your reality:

If you were no longer here to support your family or partner financially

Having life insurance in place at an older age is especially important to think about; not only for yourself, but for your family you will one day leave behind.

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Life Insurance

Life insurance can help provide for your surviving spouse, so that they can continue to live and retire comfortably and not be burdened by your share of debt.

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You could get sick or injured and be unable to work

If you’re still working, it’s probably because you really love your job – or you still need that pay cheque. Either way, it’s wise to take steps to protect your livelihood from the unexpected.

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Income Protection

Receive a monthly benefit to help take the financial pressure off you and your spouse. It can help you meet your ongoing expenses, plus medical bills – which may run into the thousands. That way, you can concentrate on your road to recovery.

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Policy terms (including waiting periods, exclusions and limits) apply. Read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Reap the rewards of being prepared

Life insurance offers older Aussies a wealth of benefits:

  • Affordability

    Income Protection can be affordable, even if you’re a senior Australian. One trick is to choose a shorter benefit period to save on cheaper premiums and still maintain protection.

  • Reassurance

    Feel reassured knowing that your partner and family are less likely to be burdened with your debts or face financial vulnerability if you weren’t well or are no longer there to provide for them.

  • More freedom

    If any nasty surprises and hospital bills pop up, your insurance could help you deal with them. That way, you could enjoy using your tucked away savings for your golden years doing the things you love. You could also avoid having to drain or sell off your assets.

  • Offset tax

    If you’re still working, you may be eligible to claim your income protection premium at tax time. The tax treatment of Income Protection will depend on your individual circumstances.

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