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Life Insurance Guide

Life insurance for young singles

Don't let life's mishaps hold you back

Life’s pretty sweet when you’re 18 to 30 and single. You’re healthy, carefree, upbeat and at your prime with minimal responsibility. Since you’ve got a long and exciting future ahead of you, the end isn’t a concern for now – which means travel and the fun stuff are on the cards and insurance is probably simmering on the back burner with marriage and babies. But isn’t your financial independence worth protecting?

Whether you’re wrapping up your studies or carving out your career, chances are you’ve probably accumulated some assets and a bit of debt along the way – like your car, student loans and purchases on plastic. With just yourself as a breadwinner, how would you continue to make ends meet if you were suddenly without an income?

Help protect your...

  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Financial Independence
  • Savings goals

Do I need insurance if I’m single?

As a young Aussie with no dependents, your path to financial security can be a lot smoother when all you have to worry about is yourself. On the flipside, who can you rely on if something went wrong? You may have no one to turn to for financial support if you unexpectedly became sick or seriously injured and were unable to work. That’s why getting covered is something young adults with debt consider to help stay protected from financial worry.

What cover could be right for you?

Consider what impact being unable to work might have on your nearest and dearest.

Income Protection Insurance

Helps protect your lifestyle if you’re sick or injured

Existing AAMI customers

receive a 5% discount

You could get sick or injured and be unable to work

You’re young, healthy and probably feeling invincible - but the reality is young people do still have a chance of getting critically injured or ill.

What would happen if you did run into trouble and your pay cheque was paused?

With Income Protection Insurance, you can receive a monthly benefit to help ensure ongoing expenses are looked after. That way, you can carry on with your current way of life and focus on more important things like recovering.

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Income Protection Insurance

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