Insuring a home

Setting up home security cameras

Keeping potential thieves away from your property doesn’t need to be difficult (or expensive!).

Home insurance excess explained

Confused about home insurance excess? Learn what it is, when you might need to pay it, and more.

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Insuring a car

Understanding Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance

CTP, green slip – whatever you want to call it, Aussies can’t get on the road without it. But what’s it actually cover? Read on to learn the ins and outs of CTP Insurance.

Does car insurance cover fire damage?

Did you know that some car insurance policies cover you for fire damage? We consider which kinds and the coverage they provide.

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Insuring a business

Top 6 hospitality insurance claims

Discover the top 6 business insurance claims for cafes, restaurants and take away shops.

Back in Business: a simpler way to support small business

Find out how AAMI has tailored Back in Business to better suit the needs of small business. This business interruption insurance could make it easier for your small business to cope with unexpected events.

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