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Insuring a home

4 things that may cost a lot without Home and Contents Insurance

Discover some costly repairs that can empty the bank without Home and Contents Insurance. Don’t let these expenses catch you off guard.

What is AAMI Complete Replacement Cover?

Learn how our optional Complete Replacement Cover could help to repair or rebuild your house to the same condition it was in before an insured event.

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Insuring a car

Be aware of hire car scams after a not-at-fault car accident

Car accidents can be stressful – no doubt about it. Unfortunately, there are third parties who’ll try to take advantage of people in need of help, often under the pretense of a free hire car. Here’s how you can steer clear of scammers after an accident.

Car Insurance tips for first time drivers

Got a shiny new drivers licence, but don’t know the first thing about buying car insurance? – Read more.

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Insuring a business

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