Insuring a home

How home maintenance can help with insurance claims

Staying on top of some simple home maintenance can make your home safer and help maintain its value – and also reduce the risk of a potential insurance claim being knocked back.

The home insurance claim assessment and repair process

Get to know the AAMI Home Insurance claim process – all the way from assessment to settlement.

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Insuring a car

Why you should check your car insurance amount covered at renewal time

When it comes time to complete your car insurance renewal, find out why you should check your amount covered.

CTP vs Comprehensive Car Insurance

CTP vs Comprehensive Car Insurance: What’s the difference and do I need both? Find out what’s right for you.

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Insuring a business

'Hammer like a King!' with AAMI Business Insurance

AAMI knows if you're a tradie ... your tools are king. That's why we work hard to protect your tools and portable valuables from damage or loss, with AAMI Business Insurance.

Do I need insurance for my market stall?

Whether it’s your main source of income or just a side hustle, running a market stall can be fun and rewarding. Get to know the kinds of insurance available for your stall.

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