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6 Tips to Prepare for the Road to Broken Heel


You’re off to Broken Heel! You’ve got your festival tickets, your route planned and a fabulous playlist from AAMI. Your bags are all packed in the boot of your convertible, festival frocks and feather boas safely stowed away for the main event.

You’re ready to head off on the open road and get the glittering good times going! But before you start your engine, check out these tips to get your budget barbie camper road trip ready.

Spotlights to Headlights

You’d never perform with a faulty spotlight. Neither should your car! Before you take off, check that your headlights and tail lights  are in good working condition, booking any necessary repairs.

Touch up your makeup, top up your oil

Before a big show, you’d always touch up your makeup. Before a big drive, it’s important to top up your oil. Remember to clean any dirty oil from around the dipstick. Handy tip: your car’s dipstick should be as flawless as your lipstick.

Pump up the jam and your tyres

For a smooth ride to the festival, swing by the service station and pump air into your tyres. Ensure all four tyres are at optimal pressure, usually between 30 and 35 PSI depending on your car. You can check in your car manual or inside the car door of the driver’s seat’. Once you’ve pumped up your tyres it’s time to pump up the jam!

Share the stage

If you’re travelling in a group, share the driving spotlight and swap drivers to give yourself a break. It’s a great way to help avoid fatigue, and gives all drivers a chance to play DJ! Remember also, it’s important to take breaks to stretch your legs and get some fresh air so make sure you’re stopping for a rest at least every two hours.

Glittering good playlist

Download AAMI’s Broken Heel Spotify Playlist! Featuring fabulous feel good tunes, this playlist will keep your mind active on the long road to Broken Heel.

Remember you can call the Queen of the Desert

Broken down near Broken Hill? Flat tyre? Run out of fuel? With 24/7 Australia-wide roadside assistance and unlimited call-outs, AAMI really is the queen of the desert! Learn more about AAMI Roadside Assist – it might be just what you need to ensure the girls make it safely to the festival, wigs and all.

Find out more about AAMI Roadside Assist before your next fabulous road trip!

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AAMI Roadside Assist an Optional Cover only available in conjunction with AAMI Comprehensive Car Insurance. Terms and conditions for coverage apply. The information is intended to be of general nature only. We do not accept any legal responsibility for any loss incurred as a result of reliance upon it – please make your own enquiries.