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Baby-proofing your home


With a baby around, your home is full of invisible dangers. What may look harmless could spell danger for your little one! So, new parents, it’s time to think about child safety!

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Watch that crib!

A child who wants something is the epitome of persistence. So, as soon as your bub starts crawling, baby-proofing should start at the crib. To prevent your baby from escaping, remove your crib’s mattress support. Now your child won’t be able to launch themselves off the crib rails, at least for a few more months. Remember to make sure the mattress aligns with the legs of the crib — no wiggle room please! Alternatively, you could buy a lower mattress — they’re great for teeny Houdinis who won’t sleep when you tell them to.

Secure furniture

This includes dressers, bookshelves and changing tables. Use furniture anchors to secure them to the wall so they can’t topple over. This way, your furniture stays safe and upright.

Keep the crib obstruction-free

If your baby is less than 12 months old, keep the blankets, toys and pillows out of the crib. They may look cute nestled up with their plushies, but they could present a suffocation risk, especially when the baby is asleep.

When your baby begins to crawl, anything hanging above the crib should be removed. A pretty mobile may become a hidden hazard as your baby wants to pull at everything in sight (a rite of passage all babies go through).


Mind the hot water

Keep the hot water at a lower temperature. You don’t want bub to accidentally scald themselves while playing with the taps.

Prevent falls

Non-slip floor mats protect a baby on the move. They also stop you from slipping with bub in your arms.

Use child safety locks

Use ‘em for the toilet seat cover, use ‘em for the meds cabinet. Lock cleaning products away too. Curious babies like to get their hands on everything.

Kitchen and dining room

Remove tablecloths

Banish them to a spare cupboard, at least until your baby grows out of the grabbing and pulling phase. If your child yanks on a tablecloth edge, the items sitting on the table may go flying. So, be safe and opt for the humble placemat instead.

Get stove knob covers

These handy gadgets will stop your baby from turning the stove on when you’re not looking.

Hide the dangerous goods

Those child-proof locks will come in handy here too. Lock away those knives and sharp kitchen tools. Put the dishes and glassware where little fingers can’t reach them.

Living room

Secure the TV

Get it mounted on your wall or secure it to a table — just make sure it doesn’t budge.

Get a fireplace screen

Bub will enjoy the warmth of a heated room, without the risk of burns.

Around the home

Install baby gates

Place them where staircases start and end. They should also sit in front of baby no-go zones: think the garage and areas with water features. If baby gates are a hassle for the adult residents to maneuver, try child door locks.

Keep small items away

Hide the knickknacks and tiny things — they’re choking hazards for your baby. And if you move it to a cupboard, remember to lock it.

Cover your sockets

Electrical outlet covers are something your home is going to get well-acquainted with. They need to be tight fitting so your baby can’t remove them. And don’t forget to move those dangling wires out of reach!

Safeguard those windows

Window guards protect your baby from a fall. Sure, they may mess with your home aesthetic, but a safe child makes it all worth it. Invest in cordless blinds too — you don’t want cords near your baby.

Make corner guards your friend

Pop corner guards on sharp table edges so your baby can safely explore your home. Get down to their level and reexamine your house — it’ll help you spot dangers adults typically don’t see.

Once the house is prepped, bub is free to roam safely. But always keep a watchful eye! And remember, you can load up on all the baby safety locks in the store, but you can never fully prepare for the future. Parenthood is like walking on a foggy path with no compass — uncertainty is part of the process.

But AAMI can help with some of that. AAMI Home and Contents Insurance covers your home and its contents for a variety of risks, including fire, flood, theft and burglary. Peace of mind may be the final thing you want tick off!

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